Steel frames, scaffold tubes for furniture.

Easy furniture assembly and extremely strong.

Do it yourself examples how you can make strong furniture without any experience.
There is very little that can go wrong during the furniture assembly.
And the hardware store will probably cut everything to size if you previously make a cutting list for all the scaffold tubes.

Many of these DIY examples originate from the Dutch woodworking examples.

What type of tube clamps are the best to make furniture frames with scaffold tubes?
Swivel clamp for scaffold tubes.
Scaffold swivel clamp.

We mainly use special clamps to make the furniture with scaffolding tubes.

Many scaffolds have universal clamp types with bolts that stick out.
You see those connections on the picture of a swivel clamp at the right.
Those tube clamps are not really suitable to make furniture.
The bits that stick out make the furniture unsightly.
Apart from that, those protruding bits can damage your clothes or even worse.

Instead we prefer therefore the cast iron tube joinery as on the pictures below.

These are the most common couplings to join scaffold tubes.

Measurements for scaffolding tubes, interior diameter and external pipe size.
Sizes of scaffold pipes, interior and exterior measurements.
Interior and exterior measurements of galvanised scaffolding pipes.
Clamps and attachments for connections of wood to scaffolding pipes.
Clamps and fitting for the connection between scaffold pipes and wood.
Eyelets and fittings for boards to scaffolding. Kee Klamps.
You can also make connections under different angles, it does not have to be ninety degrees by definition.
Here are some of the tube clamps for frames that need to have angles different to 90 degrees.
Kee Klamps in sereral angles and freely adjustable connections for tubes.
Kee Klamp angled connections and hinges for scaffold pipes.