Assembly system for homemade furniture with pipes and Kee Klamps.

Construction plans and free drawings for homemade furniture with scaffold tubes and tube clamps.
See how easy it is to make your own furniture with Kee klamps and scaffolding pipes.
You will hardly need tools for the assembly after you have cut the pipes and wood to the correct sizes.

These free construction plans for homemade furniture are ideal for beginners at making furniture.
You do not need any complicated woodworking techniques.
Nor do you need special tools for the furniture assembly at home.
Kee klamps are the trick for this simple assembly method of our homemade furniture plans.

Kee Klamp is a brand name.

Tube clamps in sereral angles and freely adjustable connections for tubes.
Angled connections and hinges for scaffold pipes.

You can visit the Kee website to learn more about this original series of tube clamps.
There are other versions of the Kee Klamp, such as the Kee Lite clamps for scaffolding.
And there are ofcourse many factories around the world that make similar tube connectors from galvanised steel or aluminium.

Some clamps can be a lot cheaper than the original Kee Klamps, and it is up to you to decide which serves you best.
Chinese tube clamps can be just as good as the original.
But there are also several Kee Klamp imitations that could even become dangerous if you use these in scaffolding.
On the other hand, cheap connections will probably not be a problem in homemade furniture with scaffolding pipes and cheap tube clamps.

Kee Klamps and steel pipes for homemade furniture frames.

Here is a growing number of free construction drawings for homemade furniture with scaffolding pipes and Kee Klamp tube connections.
You can make these furniture frames at home without any special tools.
A saw for metal is good, if you have an angle grinder that is even better.
But it is also possible to get your tubes cut at a hardware store.
Just write down all the tube sizes, and they will probably even cut it for free if you buy the Kee Klamps there as well.

Sizes of scaffold pipes, interior and exterior measurements.
Interior and exterior measurements of galvanised scaffolding pipes.

Homemade table frames and storage furniture.

Parts list for a wooden cupboard with frame from steel scaffold pipes and Kee Klamps for the connections.
Cupboard construction drawing for steel tubes and scaffolding planks.

The Kee Klamps make these frames extremely strong.
For that same reason we have quite a few construction drawings and free plans to make storage racks.
At the right a great example for a cupboard with an external frame that is made with tubes and Kee Klamps.

You decide what sizes you will need.
Adapt the length of your scaffold pipes to the table length of width.
But please bear in mind that larger furniture will probably alsy need thicker tubes.
Kee Klamps are available in many different sizes, to adapt the main sizes for scaffold tubes.

Cupboards – Racks – Shelves – Clothes Rails.
Sports installations – Soccer and Hockey goals – Crossfit and parcours training.

Table frames made with tubes and Kee Klamps.

Homemade chairs and benches with scaffolding pipes and reclaimed scaffold boards.
Construction drawings to make a bed from scaffolding pipes and Kee Klamp connections.