Scaffold tube table frame and steel pipe frames for benches.

A free construction drawing with list of the parts to make a bench and tables from repurposed scaffolding.
The pipes for this table frame are available in several thicknesses and the same counts for the connections.
Scaffold pipes are available as galvanised steel tubes as well as in aluminium versions with several colours.
Bear in mind that the sizes for aluminium and steel tubes are different.
You can not use the clamps from steel scaffolding pipes to connect aluminium tubes nor vice versa.

Bench and table frame made from scaffolding pipes and reclaimed wood from the scaffold.
Use the same construction drawing to make benches and a table frame from repurposed scaffolding.

Construction drawing and assembly method for a steel table frame and matching benches.

Steel pipe table frame and bench with industrial style.


Sizes of the finished bench. Tables usually have a height of about 72 cms.
Table and bench construction drawing with sizes for a frame made of repurposed scaffolding.

First of all get your construction materials ready.
Cut the tubes at length, buy all the tube connectors and your wood.
We prefer to treat the wood before attachment to the frame.
That makes it a lot easier to treat all of the surface and it will probably enhance the final result.

What do you need?

Scaffolding pipes or galvanised plumbing tubes.
  • 3 Tubes 130 cm. long for the length of bench or table.
  • 5 Tubes of 40 cm. for the width.
  • 4 Tubes of 50 cm. (Benches) or 70 cm. (Tables) for the legs.
Wood for the seat or tabletop.
  • Two planks, 130 cm. long.
Tube connections for scaffolding or alternatively plumbing joints.
  • Four through corner cross connections.
  • Eight short T tube clamps.
  • Four round foot plates for scaffold pipes.
  • Four plastic plugs to cover the open pipes on top of the frame.
Step by step construction of the table frame or bench with tabletop or seat.
Table frame construction drawing step one.
Step one to make a frame for tables and benches.
  1. Slide the two short T connections to the middle of the tubes with a length of 130 cm. and tighten the allen screws.
  2. Now push the corner through couplings on each end of these long tubes.
    Tighten the screw.
  3. Stick the 40 cm. long tubes in the T-clamps and corner connections and tighten.
Assembly of the table and bench legs for the frame.
Assembly method step 2 – identical for tables and benches.
  1. Fit the legs and let them stick out 3 cms. above the top.
  2. Tighten the allen screws.
Support between the table sides, scaffolding tubes and clamps.
Step 3 – support rod between the legs of tables and benches.
Make the support for under the tabletop or bench seat.
  1. Make this frame as on the construction drawing above.
    Take a 130 cm. long tube and attach to this two 42 cm long tubes, with the use of a T clamp.
    Do not completely tighten the clamps yet.
  2. Now connect this assembly to the legs.
    To do so you might have to loosen some of the bolts a bit.
    After some twisting and turning all parts will have to fit tightly together.
Tabletop fitting on top of the table frame - make the seat on top of the bench frame.
Bench seat – table top fitting to the frame.
Tabletop – Bench seat.
  1. Cut recesses in the wood where the legs stick out.
    Make square or rounded cuts, whatever you like best.
  2. Place the planks on the table frame or bench.
    These planks do not have to be attached, the wood can not move between the protruding frame ends.
  3. Control if all parts are aligned, so that the table or bench does not wobble.
    Now it is time to tighten all allen bolts firmly.
Free construction drawings for furniture of repurposed scaffolding pipes.