Bisquit joinery system for chipboard and planks.

You will need a special tool for these connections.
These tools are called a bisquit joiner or bisquit saw.
You could rent one if you are only goin to use it sporadically.
It is nevertheless worthwile to buy a biscuit joiner if you will use it a lot.
A bisquit saw is not cheap but it will save you a lot of work when making your own furniture.

The basics for this joinery method.

Bisquits in three sizes and the corresponding cutter blades.
Blades and bisquits.
  1. Make shallow elongated slots in both parts with a bisquit saw.
  2. Apply wood glue to all parts that will join, including the bisquits.
    The discs will fit flush in both slots.
    For that reason there are several sizes for these discs available, with corresponding saw blades.
  3. Tap the bisquits in the slot on one part of the assembly.
  4. Align the opposite piece and tap them together.

Uses for biscuit joints.

Woodworking example for a bisquit joint.
The discs with a cutter and slots in the wood.

The main use for this assembly system is carpentry in the furniture industry.
It is a very fast and easy manner to connect wood.

Use the biscuits to assemble tabletops, shelving, to make cabinets and cupboards.
Even though it is not the strongest method for joinery, it is nevertheless very usefull in many types of construction.

The biggest advantages of this joinery method are speed and ease of use.

More tradional ways for joining wood.