Easy do it yourself instructions and free plans to make a wooden chair.

This is probably one of the easiest examples of how to make a wooden chair.
You can use cheap wood for these woodworking plans.
Scaffolding planks and reclaimed wood are both perfect for making you own furniture.
In this example for homemade chairs we used planks with a width of 30cms. and three centimeters thick

Homemade furniture plans for a wooden chair from scaffolding planks.
Construction drawing and parts list for homemade garden chairs.

Parts list for construction of this plan for a homemade chair.

How to make a wooden chair from scaffolding planks.
Construction drawing for homemade garden chairs.
  • First of all you will need three planks.
    Most suitable are scaffolding planks and similar repurposed wood.
    In our example we used three scaffold planks of 2.5 meters long and 3 cms thickness.
  • Two wooden slats with measurements approximately 30×62 mm. and a length of two meters fifty.
  • One slat of about 3 by 3 centimeters and a length of two fifty.
  • And finally a box with one hundred selftapping screws, 5x50mm.

Conversion between inches – feet and centimeters:
1 Inch = 2.54 cm, 1 Feet = 30.48 cm. and 1 Feet = 12 Inch.

These are the materials that you will need to make this wooden chair.

Construction example for assembly of a wooden garden chair.
These garden chairs are made from four previously assembled panels.
  • A 10 Planks 3cms. thick and with a length of 60 cm.
  • B 2 Slats 30×62 mm. and 395 mm. long
  • C 2 Slats 30×62 mm. and length of 553 mm.
  • D 4 Slats 30×62 mm. and length 600 mm.
  • E 2 Slats 30×30 mm. and length 585 mm.
Chop the wood to size and give all planks a layer of protection before you start assembly of this chair.
Use a eco-friendly wood base and preservation product.
Those wood conservers are generally free of colour, but you could also stain all planks before assembly of the chair.
Step by step instructions explaining the woodworking plans for a homemade garden chair.

This model of wooden chairs is also well suitable for around the dining table.

How to make chairs from repurposed scaffolding wood.

Fitting of the backrest of a homemade wooden garden chair.
Attach the back
  1. Attach a slat onder the seat frontside for extra strength and visual thickness.
  2. Make the chair backrest in an identical procedure.
    Look at the plans for this homemade chair and compare the parts list with the drawings.
  3. Now you will need the help of a friend who holds the parts together.
    Attach the seat between the chair sides by drilling the screws from the inside of the supporting slats towards the side panel.
    With this assembly method most screws will be out of sight.
  4. And finally we fit the backrest, on top and against the seat, between the sides of the chair.
    Have a good look at the construction drawings for this homemade chair.
    These woodworking plans explain the assembly of a homemade chair better then a thousand words.

Free construction plans for a wooden garden chair.

These do it yourself instructions how to make a wooden chair are derived from our dutch woodworking plans.

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