Seat assembly for a homemade lounge garden chair.

In this part of the instructions you will see how to make the seat for wooden garden chairs and benches.
These lounge chairs are made from four panels, just like on the drawings for a wood garden bench.

  1. The planks G plus L make the frontside of the chairs seating.
    This assembly adds strength to the chair seat, and it enhances its thickness.
  2. You can place one or two supporting planks under the chair seat, as shown on the third construction drawing below.
    This reinforcement will be out of sight, and for that reason it is possible here to use some old recycled wood.

Seat assembly for a wood garden chair.
Drawings for a homemade lounge chair made of scaffold wood.

Parts list for a wooden garden chair in lounge style.

This is your shopping list for one chair.

A – 30 x 195 and 600mm. long – 25 planks of scaffolding wood.
B – 30 x 195 mm and 842 mm. long – 2 scaffold planks.
C – 30 x 62 mm and 810 mm. long – 2 slats.
D – 30 x 62 mm and 395 mm. long – 2 slats.
E – 30 x 62 mm and 600 mm. long – 2 slats.
G – 30 x 30 mm and 600 mm. long – 1 piece.

These free do it yourself instructions were translated from our free homemade furniture and ecycling tips in Dutch.
See the original free drawings and building plans for this homemade lounge chair.