How to make a strong scaffold wood garden chair and benches in lounge style.

White wash wood garden chair made of scaffold planks.
Lounge chair made of scaffolding wood – white wash.

These homemade chairs are part of our free loungeset drawings to make your own garden furniture.
Materials are old repurposed scaffolding planks plus some wooden slats for reinforcement and connecting of the planks.
We have several examples of homemade furniture in the same stye as this scaffold wood garden chair.
The lounge style is becoming very popular for use in gardens and patios.

Combine these chairs with lounge benches and low tables.
You can see more examples on the Dutch original construction drawings and building plans for homemade furniture.

Use recycled wood like repurposed scaffolding planks.

Any type of recycled wood can be used to make these comfortable and sturdy lounge chairs.
Ofcourse you can also make this furniture with new wood.
Soft wood like pinewood is very well suitable for these furniture drawings.

Douglas and hardwood types are a lot more expensive, but those construction materials will virtually make the furniture last forever.
But recycled materials are definiely cheaper and add more originality to your DIY project.
Another advantage of using softer types of wood is the easy of handling.
There are only selftapping screws needed for the assembly of this garden chair.

Strong wood garden chair materials.

To make these strong wooden garden benches you will only need some generally available and cheap materials.
The assembly for this lounge style garden chair is identical to our method for making garden benches,

Free construction plans for a homemade wood garden chair.

Parts list for this homemade wooden garden chair.

A – 30 x 195 x 600mm.
B – 30 x 195 mm x 842 mm.
C – 30 x 62 mm x 810 mm.
D – 30 x 62 mm x 395 mm.
E – 30 x 62 mm x 600 mm.
G – 30 x 30 mm x 600 mm.
L – 20 x 20 mm x 536 mm.

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