Space saving office desk made of scaffolding wood.

Only a few planks are needed to make a spacious desk which does not occupy a lot or room.
Make this desk from scaffolding planks or reclaimed wood.
Since you will be working at this desk you will have to sand the surface to a very smooth texture.
Give the planks some protection like white wash or a two colored grey wash finish.

Office desk mounted to the wall, homemade furniture.
Space saving solution for an office desk and study space.

Ofcourse you can also use these examples to create extra space in your kitchen or dining room.
Scaffolding wood is a very versatile material.
Use these planks to make your own tables, chairs, beds and benches.

Wall mounted desk for study and office.

We will not supply a list with the lengths of planks to cut.
Each bureau will me made to different sizes, for that reason a cutting list would be obsolete.
Have a good look at these pictures and read our basic explanation below these construction pictures.

Do it yourself instructions to make a office desk fitted to the wall.
Connect the desk top to the sides with a mitered butt joint and strengthen with metal brackets.
Planks for the table surface are cut in an angle at the side where they are connected with the vertical planks.
This is a mitered butt joint.
Ofcourse it is also possible to connect the side straight against ech other, but a mitered joint looks better.

Finishing the details for your homemade office desk.

Connect the planks to your wall wherever possible.
Angled iron with a series of holes is the most appropiate material for these connections.
Another option are metal angles for shelving.
Make sure that you make a good support on the long side as well as on the short side of the table surface.

Finishing the homemade office desk space.
Attach the desk to a wall and make holes for your office equipment cables.

Tips for your homemade office desk.

Desk made from scaffolding pipes and reclaimed scaffold boards.
Pipes from scaffolding in use as frame for a study desk.
  1. Combine the wood with scaffold tubes.
    This gives more strength to your desk and it gives a great industrial feel to your furniture.
  2. Make one or two holes for cables of office equipment.
    A hole cutter makes this a very easy task and your study will look a lot tidier.
  3. Attach a multi plug socket below the table, this keeps most cables out of sight.
  4. Slightly round the edge of the tabletop with a router or belt sander.
    This will prevent irritation on your arms from scuffing at a sharp tabletop edge.
Desk with drawers on a frame from scaffold tubes.
Office furniture from reclaimed scaffolding, desk with drawers.
Office desk construction with repurposed scaffold materials.

These do it yourself instructions for home made furniture are derived from our Dutch woodworking tutorials.