Make a steel tube rolling table frame and tabletop from repurposed scaffolding wood.

This design for this rolling table is very similar to our construction draing how to make a kitchen table from scaffolding tubes.
The difference in this construction drawing are wheels under the table legs.
Our previous model had round metal footplates under the legs, and that made it a bit hard to move the table.

Wheels with brakes completely eliminate the difficulty to move these tables.
It will also prevent scratches on the floor.
After all, the tubes together with a scaffolding wood tabletop and all of the tube clamps have a considerable weight.


Rolling table design for repurposed scaffolding tubes and reclaimed wood.
Construction drawing how to make a table on wheels.
Drawings of the construction sequence for the rolling table assembly.
Step by step assembly of the scaffolding parts to make a dining table.
Assembly steps to make a table from scaffolding pipes.
Wheel for scaffolding tubes.
For scaffold pipes, wheel with brake.

The only part missing on this construction drawing are the weels.
These wheels for scaffolding are available in several types and sizes.
The main difference is between the way how the weels connect with the tubes.
One type sticks in the tubes, with adapters clamping both parts tightly together.

Another and more common type of wheels uses the same method as Kee clamps.
You slide the wheel top around your tube and tighten with an allen key.
That is the model as on this picture at the right.

Tube furniture, homemade with repurposed scaffolding.

The next kitchen table design is virtually the same as above, with distinction of the wheels.
This table was also made with scaffold pipes but is has footplates instead of the wheels.
Table made with tubes from scaffolding and Kee clamps.
Table made with 42 mm. scaffold tubes and Kee clamps.