Repurposed scaffolding pipes to make a metal table frame.

This is the third table construction drawing for scaffolding pipes.
All of these metal table frame constructions are similar, but each has some specifics that make it more apt for a certain purpose.
This construction drawing is specially good to make a kitchen table, dining tables and tables for outside.

Placement of the table legs is at the corner.
The legs are connected in between each other under the table center.
Therefore you will have no problem at placing chairs under the table, nor will there be any cross rods that might interfere with your kneees.

Metal table frame for dining and kitchen tables, made from scaffolding tubes.
H-frame kitchen table construction.
Tube joints, Kee clamps or scaffold tube clamps for this steel table frame.
  • Eight footplates or four wheels plus four footplates.
  • Six short T connections for scaffolding tubes.
Steel table frame made with reclaimed scaffolding tubes and Kee clamps.
Galvanised tubes and Kee clamps are the construction materials to make this steel table frame.
Rolling table design for repurposed scaffolding tubes and reclaimed wood.
Construction drawing how to make a table on wheels.

It is very easy to fit wheels under a steel tube table frame.
These wheels usually have a lock, which prevents the  table from moving.
These homemade tables are very good to use in a workshop as well.
The strong stable structure can be adapted to any size.

The construction drawing at the right is slightly different, but it shows well how the wheels are a replacement for metal foot plates.

Homemade scaffolding furniture construction drawings and free plans.

More tables made with repurposed scaffolds, tubes and reclaimed wood.