Do it yourself example for a scaffold tube table.

Strong steel table frame made from galvanised pipes.
Table frame made from 42 mm. thick scaffolding tubes.

Make these tables with scaffold tubes 42 mm. in diameter.
That will make the frames very strong, therefore you will have no need for extra strengthening.
Nevertheless you can still use the same construction drawings for tubes that are thinner.
But in that case the scaffold tube table must not be too large.

This design is good to use for homemade dining tables as well as coffee tables.
Just change the sizes for the scaffolding tubes to make a larger or taller table shape.

Construction drawing how to make a scaffold tube table frame with thick tubes from scaffolding.
Steel pipes frame from scaffolds with Kee clamps.
What do you need to make a dining table with this construction drawing?
Table made with tubes from scaffolding and Kee clamps.
Table made with 42 mm. scaffold tubes and Kee clamps.
  • Four planks for the tabletop, 2 meter long.
  • Three planks 64 cm. long, these will connect the previous four planks to make the tabletop.
  • Plus three tubes length 185 cms. for the transversal supports.
  • And four tubes for the table legs, 70 cm. long.
  • Four tubes 65 cms. long for the support between the table legs.
  • Footplates 4 pieces.
  • Six short T connections.
  • Four three way corner connections.
  • And finally four to eight clamps to connect the tabletop to the table frame.
The connections for scaffold tubes have different names, depending on which country you live in.
In the US we predominantly use the brand name ”Kee clamps”.
The connections for scaffolding are almost always made from cast steel that has been galvanised.
This protection with hot zinc makes the clamps extremely resistant to rust.
Step by step assembly of the scaffolding parts to make a dining table.
Assembly steps to make a table from scaffolding pipes.
Homemade dining table with thick scaffolding planks as tabletop.
Rough scaffolding planks as tabletop on a steel tube frame.

Aluminium tubes and clamps to make furniture.

Aluminium tubes and connectors are also available if you do not like the galvanised tubes and clamps.
The price is a bit higher that what you have to pay for galvanised scaffolding tubes.
On the other hand there is a choice of colours to choose from.
This material is more smooth an cleaner than the galvanised scaffolding.
The aluminium tubes might for that reason be more suitable to use for tables indoors.