A – Frame picnic table construction drawings and assembly methods.

Assembly of a picnic table with A - Frame.
A Frame picnic table model.

See how you can make your own garden furniture.
We show you some examples for easy tables and benches for outdoors.
A table design that is based on the shape of a capital A.
This is a strong structure which provides strength lengthwise as well as towards the sides.

These A – Frame picnic table construction plans have almost always benches integrated in the design.
Those benches rest on a horizontal support which connects the table legs.
You will need a bit more timber to make the tables compared to the picnictable with crossed legs.
This is easily recovered because you do not need so much to make the benches.

Three free plans for picnic table construction.

Classic design for picnic table construction.
A frame for picnic tables, the classic design.

Use these construction drawings for a picnic table as inspiration.
You do not have to follow all measurements, change those to your needs.

However, do not change the height too much, that would make the tables less comfortable.
What you can alter without any problems are the length of the table and its width.
These outdoor tables are lower than dining tables which have a height of about 72 cms.

More models for garden tables and matching sets of tables plus benches.