How to make picnic tables and benches for in the garden.

Many of these diy instructions are a translation from our Dutch website for home made furniture.
However, there are many other great sites that show you how to make picnic tables and wooden garden furniture.
For that reason we will show you some of the best sites with examples how to make picnictables.
Those tables and picnic benches are interesting because of a different design or construction method.

The basics for a cross legged picnic table.

How to make a strong frame for your table.

  • The typical X frames of picnictables are very stable constructions.
    This joinery method is a lot easier to make than you might think.
    The method is called cross lap, and you only need a handsaw plus chisel to make this joinery.
    You make the X with a cross lap.
  • An alternative is an A frame, but you will need a bit more timber for that type of construction for a picnic table.
    On the other hand it is a bit easier because you do not have to use a chisel.
  • The design of typical garden tables with legs on each table corner is not very common for a picnictable.
    The reason for that is, that these tables are meant to be used together with benches.
    Placement of benches is difficult if the table has legs on the corners.