How to make plant pots and container planters from cement and concrete.

Easy method to make your own plant pots out of concrete or plain cement.
Th construction of these planters consists of using an outer mold and a smaller inner mold.
The cement or concrete is poured in between the two containers.
You let the cement cure for a day, after that you will have to remove both molds.
It is possible to decorate these planters, but remember that porous cement will help with getting rid of surplus water.
For that same reason we advise you to leave some holes open in the bottom of the container.

We found this example from RadMegan on steigerhout-recycling, a great source for recycling ideas.

Molding sequence to make concrete planters.

Molds to make planters from concrete.
Molding a planter in concrete or cement.
  1. Choose two containers with a size difference of about five centimeters.
    This will provide for a thickness of about two and a half centimeters for the planter walls.
    Plastic is the most obvious material to use, two buckets are ideal because of their conic shape.
    Alternatively you could use wooden crates, but this is more suitable for larger plant containers.
  2. Make a hole in the outer mold bottom and plug it with a tube or hose which goes all the way to the top.
    One or more of these holes serve to drain excess water from the container.
  3. Poor the cement in the largest contaner, then press the inner mold into the cement or concrete.
    Push hard but still leave enough material thickness on the planter bottom.
  4. Leave to rest for a day.
    First remove the inner mold, then proceed with the outer molding and tubes from the watering holes.
  5. Decorate the planter to your likings.
    Bright colors work well in contrast with the grey cement or concrete.

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