Bottle irrigation drip system for slow watering of plants.

Slow watering method for vegetable gardens.
This method is more suitable in your garden.

Cheap and easy, money saving watering method.
Stop overwatering your plants.
Let the liquid slowly penetrate in the root zone, dont loose it all because the soil is dry.
Little by little water leaks from the bottle cap.
Then the water disperses to the other roots, hence wasting hardly any water.
Not only is this money saving, more important is that you do not get pools of water around each planter.

There are two ways to use these watering bottles.
The easiest is sticking the neck in the soil.
This is the best way if the planters are already filled with roots.
On the other hand it is better to burry them almost completely for use in the vegetable garden.
In the latter case you will have to puncture the bottle insytead of the cap.

Save a lot of water, slow drip method for irrigation.
Free plastic bottles are the only material that is needed to make this irrigation system.
You will still have to water by hand, but a lot less will be wasted.
Slow infiltration will wetten the roots better then if you would give a whole plunge in one go.
Watering plants with a dripping bottle.
Slowly water your plants.
  1. Firstly you cut the bottom of a large plastic bottle.
    Even better to use a five liter can then smaller bottles.
  2. Pinch holes in the plastic bottlecap.
    You might save several caps to obtain different flow rates.
    Sometimes you want to let the water stream faster, that is when you use a cap with more or bigger holes.
  3. Bury the bottle neck half in the ground.
    You want the irrigation water close to the roots, so that is how deep the bottle should go.
  4. Now fill the bottle with water and let it slowly penetrate between the roots.
These DIY examples were derived from steigerhout recycling, a multilingual site about diy projects.
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