Easy sun shade design for tubes from scaffolding and tube clamps.

Free standing pergola, home made with steel pipes and tube clamps from scaffolding.
This is a sunshade for easy assembly.
Most hardware stores will cut scaffold tubes to size if you give them a cutting list for all the parts.
Attach this shade firmly to your terrace, the footplates will provide a strong hold.

Parts list to make this pergola.

Frame to make a sun shade from scaffolding tubes and clamps.
Easy design for a pergola from tubes, do it yourself example to make a sun shade.
Frame for shadow on your terrace, made from scaffolding tubes and tube clamps.
Create shadow on your terrace with this sun shade made from scaffolding tubes.

We recommend that you use thick tubes and clamps to make this pergola.
42 mm. is a good thickness for the pipes, but thicker tubing will make the frame even stronger.

Cut all tubes to size before you begin with the assembly of this sunshade.

  • A – 2 Scaffolding tubes 172 mm.
  • B – 5 Tubes 2000 mm.
  • C – 4 Tubes 3000 mm.
  • D – 4 Tubes 2400 mm.
  • E – 4 Corner connectors.
  • F – 6 Through corner clamps.
  • G – 2 Short T joints.

We placed this example before in Dutch on bouwtekeningen voor steigerhout.

Assembly of this pergola is fairly straightforward.

Even though you could assemble the sun shade in any order, we recommend that you start with assembly of the legs.
Slide all tube clamps on the legs as depicted on the construction drawing.
Do not tighten the clamps completely yet.
Tightening will be done when the pergola is completely assembled and all tubes are well aligned.
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