Easy assembly method to make a goal for soccer or hockey.

Homemade soccer goal with tubes from scaffolding and pipe clamps.
Assembly of a homemade soccer goal.

You can adapt these construction drawings and assembly methods to any size of goal.
You probably do not want a full size soccer goal in the garden.
Make the goals larger when the kids grow up, you only need to change the length of some tubes.
One of the great advantages of scaffolding tubes and clamps is that you can repurpose all parts.

Maybe you already made such a soccer goal before, with PVC pipes.
That is also a very common material to make these goals, but PVC is a lot less durable.
Therefore we prefer to use steel tubes from scaffolding.


Construction drawing for hockey or soccer goals.

Just one warning >> These homemade soccer goals are rather heavy.
Make sure that the frame is strongly fixed to the ground.
You have to be sure that the frame can not harm anyone by falling over.
Therefore we advise that you drive at least four poles deep in the ground.
Then attach the homemade soccer goal firmly to these anchorages.
Make a steel frame for the goal with scaffolding tubes and tube clamps.
Construction drawing plan for a medium size goal for soccer.
Goal post construction drawing for steel scaffold pipes.

Larger goals need extra pipes at the back.

Make the frame stronger and prevent a sagging net.
Use two or even three pipes at the back instead of just one.
One or tubes and clamps more do not cost a lot extra, and it will greatly enhance the stability.

Attach the net with tie rips.
Construction of a goal for soccer or hockey with scaffold tubes and clamps.
Assembly of a goal for soccer or hockey.

DIY furniture made from scaffolding pipes and tube clamps.