Three versions how to make a curtain rail from scaffolding tubes.

How to make a curtain rod from tubes.
Strong connection of the curtain rod to the wall.

These curtain rails are meant to be used in combination with round curtain hoops.
These hook into the curtain seam, and they can slide easily over the tubing.
It is a cheap construction method which will probably be stronger than any other rail.

Curtains can be very heavy.
Apart from that, there is a lot of extra strain on the rails when you open or close the curtain.

Use tubes and connections of an appropiate thickness.

Thicker materials are needed if you have curtains that are heavy, or if there is a long distance to span.

Simple method to hang a curtain between two walls or in a passage.
This wall to wall curtain rail is probably the strongest method to suspend curtains.
All pressure is straight downwards.
Therefore it is unlikely that the plugs will get pulled out of the wall.
Curtain rail fitting between two walls.
This rail goes from wall to wall.
Curtain rails suspended from the ceiling.
Curtain rod from scaffold tubes.
Curtain rod fitting against a wall.

On the picture below is depicted how a curtain rail can be fixed to a ceiling.
Bear in mind that this is not the strongest method.
You will need a ceiling that is made from solid material.
Wooden beams are an excellent material for fixation of the screws.

  1. Plastic plugs are nice to finish the open ends.
    A champagne cork serves the same purpose.
  2. Use more than two supports, even for smaller curtains.
    A third one in the middle will not obstruct closing of the curtains.


Attachments to fit curtains to a ceiling.
If you hang the rail from a ceiling there will be a need for extremely good holding plugs.

If there is a need for more distance from the ceiling then you can use an extra tube for the distance.
You can see how on the picture below.

Extra supports to suspend the heavy weight of curtains.
Connections for scaffold tubes or plumbing in use with rods as curtain rails.
How to attach the curtain rail against a wall?
  1. Use the same materials as on the picture above.
  2. Or, alternatively, use the drawing below as an example.
    The tube connectors are slightly different.
    Fitting with screws and plugs in the wall is virtually the same method.
Suspended curtain rails for fitting to wall or ceiling.
For suspension of curtains from the ceiling or wall with a seperation gap.