Make your own fitness equipment with scaffolding tubes.

A few examples of frames and racks for fitness training.
Adapt the shapes and sizes to your own needs.
One of the great advantages of these crossfit racks is their versatility.
All parts of the frame are widely available in almost any hardware store.
You can disassemble the tube connections and use them again for a new fitness setup.

Basic construction drawing to make a crossfit training rack.

Use as thick tubes and clamps as you can afford.
The materials can always be used again, for instance as tube furniture.

Rack for crossfit excercises, construction drawing made for tubes from scaffolding.
Basic shape to make a crossfit training rack with a few scaffold pipes and pipe clamps.
Make the base for your crossfit installation as large as possible.
Apart from the use of thick tubes we advise you to make the base very strong as well.
Make sure that your rack can not fall over.
A wide basis for the racks will prevent accidents.
Therefore we advise a minimal  floor surface of approximately 2×2 meters.

Low crossfit frames for stretching.

Simple and fast construction method to make versatile fitness training equipment.
Use these racks as a hold during fitness exercises.
They are alsy very handy for support during power training and as a parcours obstacle.

Use pipes from scaffolding to make industrial furniture.