Hallway storage unit and coat hanger.

Construction drawing to make hallway furniture with old scaffold planks and pipes.
An industrial style coat hanger and shelf for hats.
This hallway furniture is great in combination with the tables and chairs that you can make from scaffolding wood and tubes.

These are the parts that you will need to make this wardrobe furniture.
Wardrobe coat hanger made from repurposed scaffolding.
Coat hanger and shelf with small cupboard made from old scaffolding.

Parts for the coat hanger and cutting list for all planks and tubes.

  • A 2 Planks 30 x 195 x 1170 mm.
  • B 2 Planks 30 x 195 x 195 mm.
  • C 2 Planks 30 x 195 x 1000 mm.
  • D 6 Planks 30 x 195 x 2450 mm.
  • E 2 Slats 30 x 62 x 390 mm.
  • G 3 Wide slats 30×62 x 1100 mm.
  • H 4 Corner clamps.
  • J 1 Tube 1000 mm.
  • K 4 Tubes 300 mm.
  • L 2 Tubes 200 mm.
  • M 10 Hooks.
  • O 2 T-Clamps.
  • P 4 Foot plates.

The original example for this hallway furniture is in Dutch, but there is automatic translation available.

Make these coat hangers in the size that fits your house.
The measurements are just an example, to make it extra easy if this is your first woodworking project.

Furniture construction drawings for reclaimed and repurposed scaffolding.
Side view construction drawing for a coat hanger hall furniture.
Coat hanger hall furniture construction drawing.

We have several other examples how you can make rails for clothing.
The basis for these wardrobe designs is always the same, you connect scaffolding pipes with tube clamps.
Reclaimed wood, or any sort of timber, is the material to make these wooden panels.

In some cases we use the tubes with reclaimed wood from pallets.
However, the scaffolding wood is a lot thicker and therefore stronger wood to make furniture.

Clothes rack or wardrobe interior.
Easy to make yourself, a wardrobe made from repurposed scaffolding.
Wardrobe combination with coat hanger and shelves for storage.
Extremely strong and stable coat hanger for in the hall.
Constructions with tubes from scaffolding.