Great ideas to recycle old tires into gardening containers and planters.

Parrot shape hanging planter, from a repurposed tire.

Free and relative easy designs to make a garden planter.
Recycled tires are the main material to make these containers for plants.
If you want to make planters from other materials then you should have a look at the free construction drawings for wooden planters.

Be aware, this is no easy material to work with.
Apart from the toughness of rubber, there is iron inside the tires.
This can make it rather difficult to cut through the entire tire.
We recommend that you use an angle grinder with cutting blade.
Sawblades for metal are suitable to cut through the rims.
Always wear protective goggles and thick working gloves to protect yourself.

The easiest planters in the world.

Great idea, inside out tire in shape of a cup, as garden planter.
Planter in cup shape design.

You only need one old tire which you fill with soils, that’s all.
Paint the planter white or any color you like, go crazy and place another tire on top for high planters.
Without kidding, this is the most widely used method for repurposing tires into planters.

A very special way to make planters is shown on this picture at the right.

They made this cup and saucer by inverting a large tire.
The cup handle was made with a strip of leftover rubber.
Paint and a nice design enhance the illusion.
Probably one of the most difficult designs to make a planter from tires.
Nevertheless, it’s a very smart idea for the recycling of old car tires.

No need to change anything, just fill the tire with soil.
Cheap and extremely easy, planters made from old tires.
This is a classic method to signal roadsides at farmhouses.
These planters are also great on the corners of your garage or driveway.
You will avoid bigger damage if by chance you hit the planter with your car.

More ways to repurpose a worn car or truck tire.

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