Repurposed tires, DIY examples of what you can make from them.

Repurposed car tires as stand for bicles.
Bicycle stand made from old car tires.

First of all, these are mainly interesting examples plus a few construction plans.
See how you can repurpose old tires.
Some very nice ideas to recycle an old worn car tire into planters for your garden.
Furthermore you can use these examples to make garden furniture and swings.

Make awesome chairs and tables from repurposed road rubber.
DIY examples for repurposing old rubber and tires.
These ideas were derived from the Dutch site steigerhout  recycling.

Furniture made from reclaimed tires, design ideas.

If you have never seen these examples then it might seem very difficult to use tires for furniture.
After examining the examples closely you will see that some of these furniture designs are actually quite simple.
Make a chair or table from old tires by cutting as little as possible.
Try to use them without the need to cut into the tires , because this material is quite hard to manipulate.


Reclaimed tires, repurposed as utensils and toys.

Homemade tables chairs and decoration.Lounge chair on wheels, made from recycled car tires.

Just a few ideas of what you can do with reclaimed materials.

Use your own imagination and make some original recycling art for your garden or patio terrace.

On the pictures below a frog, parrot lookalike planter and a very nice rocking horse as swing.
Some workshops in developing countries make this type of recled art items as well.
Therefore it might be possible to find these in a shop as well.
Obviously there is nothing as nice as when it was made by you.

Great idea, inside out tire in shape of a cup, as garden planter.
Planter in cup shape design.

On the following page are several examples how to make a garden planter box from repurposed tires.
Other designs for planters are made for repurposed scaffolding boards and planks from reclaimed pallets.

The seat and backrest of this bench were made from old car tires.
Bench seat and backrest from old car tires.