How can you repurpose a nice old suitcase?

We had some very old luggage in out basement, too old for use during travel.
Some of the suitcases were made of leather with a great vintage look.
Hence we wanted to recycle the nicest cases into something new.
Therefore we have gathered some great inspiration for repurposed suitcases.

The most common way is to use suitcases as drawer or storage compartment.

Vintage luggage to make shabby chique repurposed furniture.

Sturdy old luggage trunks and other travel equipments can also be used to make seats.
See how you can transform vintage luggage into original benches chairs and side tables.
You will get some great inspiration by looking at these chests made with recycled luggage.
See the different ways the were used to integrate the suitcases in a natural way.
Combine an old suitcase with other vintage material to obtain a good end result.

Use old travel equipment and vintage suitcases for your pets.

These ideas are especially great if you have cats in the house.
One word of caution, make sure that the lid can not close and trap your pet inside.
For that reason they have removed the trunk lids for these beds for cats and dogs.

These ideas for the repurposing of travel cases are derived from our Dutch recycling tips.
See more ideas to recycle and find new uses for old materials in disuse.