Some examples how to make plant pots from repurposed materials.

A collection of great ideas to recycle and repurpose household items into a pot for plants.
We have already posted several construction drawings of how to make planters from reclaimed wood.
Here we show some inspiration for plant pots made of materials that you would otherwise have thrown away.
There is nothing to buy, just use these containers as they are.
Fill them up with some good soil and insert a nice flowering plant.

Plant pots made from old shoes and boots.

Pallets are one of the most obvious materials for recycling as plant pot.
A pallet is in general completely free material and pallets are easily available.
This wood is a good choice as well because the planks have been treated against wood rot, insects and fungus.
On the other hand, this treatment is for some people a reason for not using pallets in the house.
It is true that in the beginning many pallets contained toxic substances for preservation of the wood.
Nowadays all europallets and most other palletwood is safe for use in homemade furniture.
Repurposed scrap metal and household items in use as plant pots.

Inventive ideas to repurpose many not so obvious objects for planting flowers.
Some really great ideas for original plant pots, have a look for yourself.

Old car tyres used as planters.

A very common way to repurpose worn tyres is using them as container for plants.
See some great examples and very easy manners for the recycling of old car and truck tyres.

Scaffolding boards are fantastic for use as material for homemade furniture.
We have compiled several construction drawings how to make planters from scaffolding.