Old doors are given new life with these original recycling examples.

Old door repurposed as a small bench with coat hangers.
Coat hanger and bench seat made from an old door.

Maybe you have a nice old wooden door but you do not know how to repurpose it.
Here we will show you a few original ways to repurpose these doors.
Use the old door as a tabletop, picture frame or as wardrobe.

These DIY examples are just a few ideas to recycle doors into furniture.
Obviously there are many more great ideas for the repurposing of old construction materials.
We have compiled several types and materials for recycling.
All of these building materials are easily available and mostly at a low cost or even for free.

You might want to combine these recycled doors with other materials that have a recycling theme.
Have a look at the different repurposed materials to make your own furniture.

How to use an old door to make rustic farmhouse tables.

As you can see on these pictures, it is very easy to repurpose doors as furniture.
Basically you use them as a whole, for panels that would otherwise be assembled from loose planks.
A great use is as tabletop.
On th picture below they have simply placed the old barndoor on top of a ugly modern tabletop.

Tabletop of a lounge style coffeetable, made from an old door.
Antique farmhouse door in use as tabletop for a coffeetable.
Repurposed door in use as the tabletop for a homemade farmhouse kitchen table.
Farmhouse kitchen table with tabletop from a recycled door.

Picture frames made with a reclaimed and repurposed door.


Tables chairs and more, homemade with a reclaimed door.


These DIY examples for the repurposing of old doors are derived from our Dutch tips for recycling.