Examples how you can make furniture from repurposed beer barrels.

Beerkegs recycled as stools.
Seats made from repurposed barrels.

Recycled and repurposed beer barrels as chairs and tables.
See how they used stainless steel kegs as urinals in the bathroom of a bar.

Some people have recycled the metal beer barrels to make a barbecue.
See some of these homemade examples in the gallery below.
Make your own garden planters from a couple of repurposed kegs that are cut in halves.

Bar furniture and decoration made with recycled barrels from beer.

Where would these stools fit better then in a bar?
These barstools are a real eye catcher and a point of conversation in your bar.

Stools made from repurposed beer barrels.

Barbecue made of an old beerbarrel.

Beer barrels in use as planters.
Outside a bar, planters made from barrels.

These repurposed barrels are the most popular BBQ designs in some developing countries.
Be careefull while cutting the barrels in half.
The sides can be extremely sharp, so you will have to remove the sharp edges.

On the picture right you can see how they made a gas grill in the barrel.
On the picture below is the more traditional BBQ for use with wood and charcoal.
These are just a few examples how to repurpose old barrels.
Use these ideas to make your own furniture and utensils from recycled materials.

Is this a barbecue or a beerbecue?

There are many ways to repurpose an old beerkeg.

Small size beerkeg used as mailbox.
Mailbox made from a small size barrel.

The only limitations are your available tools and your fantasy.
It will be obvious that welding is not within everybodies reach.
Nevertheless there are many other ways to construct this furniture, sometimes you do not even have to change a bit to the original barrel.

Use them to make stools and tables for bar interiors.
This combines very well with the plans for homemade scaffolding furniture.
Another construction material that can be reclaimed are the tubes from scaffolds.

Repurposed beer barrels as BBQ, bar stools and tables.
Many ways to recycle old barrels from beer.

Urinals and wash basins made from a recycled beer barrel.

Lamp support and wastebin made from mini kegs.

Our DIY examples are mainly derived from our Dutch site about recycling and repurposing materials.