DIY ideas for furniture and decoration from  repurposed materials.

Upcycled industrial waste and scrapped wood to use as building materials for homemade furniture.
Make your own eco friendly lounge set and planter boxes from materials that were thrown away.
Lounge chairs and especially garden benches are amongst our most popular woodworking plans for lounge furniture.

Repurposed door in use as the tabletop for a homemade farmhouse kitchen table.
Farmhouse kitchen table with tabletop from a recycled door.

Use repurposed oil barrels and beerkegs to make chairs and benches.
You can even make a chest with drawers from old suitcases.
Those industrial furniture designs are very nice for a modern interior as well.
It combines well with industrial designs.
Old wooden barrels are on the other hand great for classic farmhouse interiors and terraces.

We have gathered a large number of DIY examples for repurposed materials.
See how you can recycle old wooden barrels as garden furniture.
Use wooden cable reels to make tables and rocking chairs.
The posibillities to make furniture with recycled materials are endless.

Pallets are the most obvious material to repurpose.

Chair made from old cable reel and planks from a pallet.
Planks from pallets and a reclaimed cable reel repurposed as chair.

Some of the best diy projects for beginners are chairs made from a pallet.
Boards from scaffolding are a lot stronger than pallets.
These planks are therefore more suitable for larger furniture such as lounge benches and farmhouse tables.

Bathrooms are often neglected when people make their own furniture.
These ideas for repurposed materials in bathroom and toilet are sometimes extravagant.
See some great examples of repurposed materials.

Homemade furniture from repurposed tubes and reclaimed scaffolding wood.

Clothes rail made from scaffolding.
Old scaffolding recycled as rail for clothes with a drawer below.

Some of the easiest designs for homemade furniture are made for reclaimed pallets and scaffold boards.
Another fantastic material to make your own furniture are the tubes and connectors from scaffolding.
You can make very strong furniture with the help of these tube clamps and connectors.

Scaffolding tubes and pieces for the connection are completely re useable.
Make the furniture frames from tubing and use scaffolding boards to make panels.


Many of these designs and construction plans for recycled materials are derived from our Dutch site about recycling.