Examples of original garden tables made from reclaimed wood.

Probably you have already seen some of our woodworking plans to make a wooden planter.
On this page we show you a few examples of planters integrated in a tabletop.
See some great examples to make garden tables.
The examples on this page feature an embedded planter in the tabletop.
A planter table is often used with plants in containers and easy replaceable buckets.

Make maximum use of your homemade planter table.

Firstly pre-grow your plants untill they are big and ready for showing off.
Then place these small planters in the table compartment.
The planter tables is especially functional if you plant herbs and vegetables in it.
Imagine having miniature tomatoes, chives and parsley growing in your planter table.

See our Dutch woodworking plans for more of these green table designs.

Free woodworking plans.

How to make a planter from reclaimed scaffolding planks and repurposed pallets.