Remove planks from pallets without effort with a breaker tool.

Pallet breaker tool for dismantling pallets.
Breaker tool for pallets.

Make your own pallet breaker from metal.
Steel is the only material that is strong enough to resist continuous stress.

The stiffness of metal is also preferable above the bending qualities of wood.
Therefore all pallet breakers must be made from strong metal.

Whether you use a welder or nut and bolts to make this tool is up to you.
On the other hand it must be said that nevertheless most palletbreakers are welded.
That is merely because it is quicker and produces a more sturdy tool.

Construct your own tool for dismantling pallets.

Two models to make a breaker tool for pallets.
Dismantling is maybe a better expression, but the tool is nevertheless called a pallet breaker.
The purpose is actually to avoid breaking the planks.
Both breakers have a handgrip on top which provides extra leverage.

Construction drawing to make a pallet breaker tool.
The extra handle on top provides extra leverage.

The teeth which grip below the planks must be extremely strong.
Otherwise they will bend after prolonged use.
For that reason they usually use thicker steel and extra welded reinforcements to prevent this bending.

Breaker tool for pallets, with hinged leverage.

Pallet breaker with hinged teeth to prevent breakage.
This construction is the best in avoiding split planks.
We had these pictures on a Dutch woodworking site, but it is unclear who originally made these tools and pictures.
If you are the author of these pics then please do not hesitate to contact us in order for us to give you credits.
Make a tool to diassemble palets.
Instructions how to make a pallet breaker.

Leverage makes the work of pallet breaking a lot lighter.
You can keep standing up, it saves a lot of backache.
Teeth pulling on both sides of the nails prevent splitting of the wood.
Breaker tool to dismantle pallets into planks and wood blocks.
Reclaim wood from pallets with these handy tools.

A sturdy construction makes the tool more heavy, and that is what we need.
Apart from the extra strength, this extra weight helps to increase the leverage.
A long handle bar does the same trick.
Pulling the nails from a pallet without effort.
Effortless breaking up a pallet with the appropiate tool.

Are you ready to make furniture with reclaimed wood from pallets?