Woodworking plans and construction drawings for a homemade side table.

Reclaimed wood from scaffolding is very good suitable to make this lounge style side table.
Farmhouse tables like the scaffold wood dining table as well as the lounge sets are very popular for DIY assembly.
Sidetables and wooden planters are nice complements for this homemade furniture.
These low lounge tables are great to finish off some leftover bits of wood.
You can make them with just a few planks and slats.
Construction time for this farmhouse furniture is minimal.

Construction drawing to make a low lounge style sidetable.

See the final sizes of this sidetable on these drawings for the construction.
Ofcourse it is possible to change certain aspects and sizing for this side table.
The exact measurements are listed below this construction plan.
Plans to make a farmhouse style side table from scaffolding planks.
Construction plan for building a small side table.

Explanation of all side table parts on the construction drawing.

A 3 Planks, scaffold boards size 30×195 and 585mm. long.
B 6x Scaffolding planks measuring 30×195 and 420mm. long.
C 2x Slats, any type of wood and with sizes approximately 30x62x521mm.
D 2x Square slat with sizes 30×30 and a length of 585mm.
E 2x Square slats of 30×30 and 519 mm. long.
G 2x Square slats 30×30 and a length of 461 mm.

The finished farmhouse side table in four different finishes.

These woodworking plans are derived from our Dutch instructions for homemade furniture.

More examples for woodworking with reclaimed scaffolding.

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