This is how you assemble the seat for lounge chairs and garden benches.

The assembly of homemade benches and chairs, made with scaffolding planks or repurposed wood.
In the explanation of this step and on the drawings you can see how the seat gets fitted between the armrests.

Assemble the seat for lounge benches and chairs.

Assembly of pallet wood lounge benches and seats.
Hold the seat between armrests and tighten screws lightly.
  1. It is a lot easier if you have somebody around to help you with the support of the panels.
    Here where we assemble the seat between the armrests, and while we fit the screws all parts should stay horizontal and close together.
  2. We made the armrests in the second step of this tutorial, and the garden bench seating was made with help of the fourth drawing for lounge furniture.
  3. Here on this construction drawing you see how the seat gets placed between the armrests, resting on top of slats.
Note that the panel is flush with the frontside of the garden chairs and benches, but at the back there is some space left open.
Open space will be covered by the backrest which we will finally fit in an angle in the next step of this building manual.
This inclined back support provides extra comfort of your homemade lounge chairs and benches.

Use selftapping screws with a good quality.
Properly galvanized and stainless hardware are perfect for these benches but copper screws are also fine for use in homemade garden furniture.
Stainless steel screws are a lot more expensive and could be used only for the places where screws are visible.

Homemade furniture using planks from scaffolding.

Introduction to lounge furniture made of scaffolding wood.

Lounge garden bench made of scaffold planks and last assembly of back and seat.
Next step – fit backrest between armrests.

Some examples of lounge furniture, almost all benches and chairs made with repurposed planks from scaffolding.