Make your own lounge furniture for inside or the garden.

Sturdy home made garden furniture.

This is a very easy assembly system for homemade furniture.
Make strong lounge furniture with boards from scaffolds.
See how you can make chairs and benches with scaffolding wood as construction material.
Luxurious wooden chairs and garden benches.
Super easy and illustrated building instructions in six steps.

We recommend that you take a look at all the furniture drawings on our main site while we are translating these manuals.
The Dutch do it yourself instructions will be translated to your own native language.

Scaffold wood lounge bench.

Free plan how to make a lounge bench from scaffolding wood.
Sturdy bench from scaffolding planks.

The sides of these benches and chairs are made of double panels, this makes the furniture extra strong.

Apart from the benefit of extra strength, the wooden benches are very comfortable because of these wide armrests.
There is enough space on these armrests to keep your glasses and other small items at hand.
Obviously the comfort of these garden benches will be highly enhanced if you use the bench in combination with some thick padded cushions.

Click the blueprint or see the step by step instructions to build this bench.

Corner benches made with scaffold boards.

One L shaped lounge bench and a similar model with table and storage in between.

Chair for in the garden, made of repurposed planks.

Seat assembly for a wood garden chair.
Then we made the seating.
Lounge table hocker style, free diy woodworking instructions.
Lounge table from scaffold boards.

In the same style as the wooden garden benches is this lounge chair.
Strong and comfortable furniture for outside or in the house.
See how to make this wooden chair.

In addition to these woodworking plans is the easiest of them all, instructions how to make a low lounge table.