Construction example for a green living wall with 16 plant pots.

Easy DIY example how you can make a rack for plant pots.
Construction drawings and step by step instructions to make a vertical garden planter.
Four levels for interchangeable flower pots.
A smart space saving design for an urban garden and balcony.
Make the living wall as wide and tall as needed.

The basic design is very well suitable to make divisions between balconies and gardens.
Extend and alter dimensions for this vertical garden to your likings.

How to make a vertical garden, living wall planter for 16 pots.

Cutting list for the planks to make a living wall planter.
Cutting list for the planks.

Connect this planter with more racks to make a wide wall covered with plants.
Higher racks will need extra reinforcement and in some cases thicker planks.
Connection of the planter rack to a wall is highly recommended.

To make this living wall we used three planks of 2.5 meters and a box of selftapping screws.
There was some wood left over, therefore you could use a bit shorter planks.
Ofcourse it is possible to change all domensions of this construction plan and the drawings.

Try to obtain some old planks that can be recycled in this rack for plants.
Planks for scaffolding are ideal for their width and thickness.

These are the parts to make a 16 hole living wall.

  • A – 2 Planks for the planter rack sides,  30×195 and 1000mm. long.
  • B – 4 Planks for the plant pots, 30×195 and a length of 1000mm.

Try to use plant pots with a common diameter and height.
Plastic pots are fine for this purpose, most of it will be hidden by the plants.

As you can see on the construction drawing, the horizontal planks with holes are fitted in a slight angle.
As a result the excess water can fall from above in the pots below.
Hence you will spill less water.

These diy examples and construction drawings were derived from our Dutch woodworking instructions.

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