How to make cheap bar furniture, high tables made from pallets.

Easy DIY example how you can make bar tables from reclaimed wood.
Pallets and reclaimed planks from scaffolding are ideal for these high table designs.

For use with bar stools, high table homemade from pallets.
High bar table made from pallets.

More high table designs for use as bar furniture.

This high bar table was made from four pallets.
Bar table made from reclaimed pallets.

You can make these bar tables from four pallets.
There are several ways to assemble the table, the easiest construction is with the whole pallets, without dismantling.

For more elaborate designs you will have to take the pallets apart.
This is clearly shown on the example of the bar table on the right.
Even though the tabletop is supported by an entire pallet, most planks are differently located now.

The sides of this high table model consist of blocks and planks.
Those parts have been previously dismantled from the pallets.

High tables made from loose pallet planks.

Pallets and scaffold planks were used to make these high tables for outside at a garden bar.
DIY examples of high bar tables made from reclaimed wood and pallets.

Three examples of the same construction method for high bar tables.

These are very easy to assemble.
On the other hand it can be tricky to dismantle the planks without breaking some of them.
It is wise to use gloves and a good pallet breaker if you are going to make a lot of this type of pallet tables and chairs.

Pallet beakers are basically levers which are stuck below the planks where the nails are.
The nails are drawn out by leverage.

Try which way of dismantling a pallet works best for you.
Nevertheless, independent of your technique, there will always be some broken planks and other bits leftover.

Save the leftover bits, as they will come in handy with some other woodworking project.

This type of homemade furniture benefits from some nice colors.

The finishing touch.
Good example how to make bar stools out of a repurposed beer barrel.
Barstool made of a beer barrel.

Use any method for embellishment.
Combinations of colors work fine on this rough outdoor furniture.
Hence you can finish all your rests of paint that you have around in your shed or garage.

Barstools can also be made from other materials than wood.
We found some awesome examples to mak a barstool out on old beer barrel and barstools made from an old bicycle.

3D construction drawing download.

Sketchup drawing in 3D to make a high table from pallets.

These high tables can be used for standing or in combination with barstools.
On the picture below is one of our favorite combinations for an outside bar.
You can leave this catering furniture outside all year round.

Repurposed wood from pallets in use as bar stools and high table.
Barstools and high table made from reclaimed pallets.
Barstools and high bar tables made from scaffold tubes and reclaimed wood.
Table and stools made from repurposed scaffolding.
Bar table and matching stools.
Barstools made from reclaimed materials.