Basic model garden bench made of scaffolding wood.

Construction plan for woodworking, make your own benches for home and garden.
How to make a wooden bench is really simple.
You will not need any carpenter skills to make this garden furniture.
Assembly of the garden bench is straightforward.
Use the cutting list to chop all planks and slats to size, and then start to assemble the seperate panels.

How to make a garden bench of scaffolding wood, free woodworking plans.
Easy instructions for a homemade wooden bench.

Make two sides for the bench.

Now decide the height for the benches seat.

Attach a slat on the inside of each side panel.
You will later on attach the seating to this side panel, so that the seat will rest on these slats.
This is demonstrated on the picture above below.

The backrest and seat of this homemade wooden bench rest between the sides.
Armrests and bench side panels.

Parts list and explanation of the garden bench construction drawings.

A 4 Scaffolding wood planks 30x195x1830mm.
B 6 Scaffolding wood planks 30x195x600mm.
C 2 Connection slats 30x62x358mm.
D 2 Connection slats 30x62x425mm.
E 2 Connection slats 30x62x1830mm.
G 2 Connection slats 30x62x395mm.
H 2 Connection slats 30x62x553mm.
J 2x Connection slats 30x62x585mm.
K 2x Connection slats 30x30x585mm.
One box with a hundred self tapping screws, 5x50mm.

Make the bench seat.

Garden bench construction plan for woodworking.
Seating for the garden bench.

Assemble the backrest.

The most comfortable position is achieved if you attach the backrest under a 70 degrees angle.

DIY instructions for a wooden garden bench.
Garden bench backrest assembly.

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