Use reclaimed scaffolding to make furniture.

Reclaimed scaffold tubes to be used for furniture construction.
Old tubes from scaffolds.

You can use the old wood as well as the tubes from scaffolds to make your own furniture.
The reclaimed scaffolding materials are ideal to make furnishing in an industrial style.
Robust pipes and tube clamps are good to make strong frames.
Boards from the scaffold have been in all weather conditions and therefore they have obtained a weathered look.

These wooden boards are often impregnated with a conservation liquid.
Therefore the wood does not necceserily need an extra treatment, but it will surely enhance the aspect of your finished furniture.

Reclaimed scaffold wood is thick and fairly wide.

Scaffolding wood weathered with rusty ends.
Scaffold wood with metal end pieces.

A usual thickness for scaffolding boards is about three centimeters.
The sizes for scaffolding wood vary per country.
Most countries use scaffold boards of about 20 centimeters wide whilst other countries have boards 30 centimeters wide.
The boards are usually thicker when they are wider.

Most planks have a metal end piece.
This prevents damage to these short ends, it is also where the wood is most prone to rot.
You will have to remove those metal plates when you are going to use the wood to make furniture.
Beware, there will be nails in the wood.
Remove all the nails before you start to cut into the wood.
Otherwise you will probably damage the sawblade, or even worse, cause an accident.

Some people keep those end strips of metal.
They can be used as reinforcements below a tabletop, or to join planks together as in a panel.
Incorporation of rusty metal might seem odd, but it can enhance the industrial looks of your home made furniture.
Since this is furniture made from reclaimed materials.

Free construction plans and drawings to make furniture from reclaimed scaffolds.
Tables that you can make with reclaimed tubes and wood from scaffolding.
Home made scaffold chairs.
Storage racks and shelves.

Racks and warehouse storage units made with reclaimed wood, tubes and connection clamps from scaffolding.

Meke a frame for beds with repurposed scaffold tubes.