How to make a table from tubes and reclaimed scaffold boards.

Easy do it yourself instructions to make furniture from old scaffolds.
A tube table is strong and long lasting.
All parts of the scaffolding furniture can be repurposed again.
Even though the tubes and planks can often be obtained for free, the tube connectors aren’t cheap.
The re – usability of these construction materials makes the initial investment nevertheless worthwile.

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How to make a tube table from old scaffolding and repurposed wood.
Dining table design for scaffold tubes and reclaimed wood.

Construction drawing to build a table from reclaimed scaffolding.

To make these tables you will still need to buy several types of tube connectors.
Even though you might obtain the planks and tubes for free, these connecting pieces are not cheap.
We will show you two different frames for these tables.
Which of these construction drawings you will use depends on your taste and planned purpose of the tube table.
The most commonly used connectors for these tube tables.
Construction drawing for a tube table – version without connection between the sides.
Construction drawing for a tube table from scaffolding.
How to make a table from reclaimed scaffolding tubes and old wood.
Frame for a tube table – version with crossmember between the table legs.
Strong design work table made from scaffold tubes and reclaimed planks.
Extra strong design for a tube table made from scaffolding.
Assembly of the tabletop is very easy.
Tabletop made of scaffold boards and reclaimed wood.
Tabletop consists of five reclaimed planks, connected with two planks from a pallet.
  1. Align a number of planks together up to the desired area of your tabletop.
    Make sure that the best looking wood is now facing down.
  2. The lesser quality wood that you see now will later be out of sight under the tabletop.
    Connect those planks with two or more planks.
    Use at least two screws for each plank.

These designs for homemade tables are derived from our Dutch woodworking plans.

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