Shelves on a frame from scaffolding tubes.

How to make a strong support for wall shelves with scaffold pipes.

Strong wall shelves made from repurposed scaffolding.
Three shelf rack fitted to the wall.

An easy and strong method to attach shelves to a wall.
This is a very strong system, that is clear when you see the materials that are part of these shelf constructions.
Thick galvanised tubes and clamps from scaffolds are the perfect materials to make a strong frame.

Footplates assure a strong anchorage to the wall.
The rack on this picture has three levels, and they are supported against the wall with eight footplates, each with two or even four screws.
That makes a total of 16 to 32 anchor points to the wall, for only three shelves.
Imagine the weight that such a support can carry. Continue reading “Shelves on a frame from scaffolding tubes.”

Hallway coat hanger and wardrobe made from scaffold pipes and reclaimed wood.

Vestibule rail for clothes in a hallway or dressing room.

See how you can make a vestibule with industrial design.
The materials are new or repurposed scaffolding tubes and clamps in combination with reclaimed planks.
With these materials you will make a strong coat hanger for in the hallway, lobby or entrance of your house.

This hallway vestibule is easy for self assembly.
A step by step instruction is hardly needed, just have a good look at the construction drawing.
Most hardware stores will be happy to cut the scaffolding tubes for you, but it is not hard to do it yourself. Continue reading “Hallway coat hanger and wardrobe made from scaffold pipes and reclaimed wood.”

Rack for magazines and folders, free construction drawings.

News stand rack for display of folders and magazines.

Display shelves for literature on a wall mounted rack made from scaffold tubes.
Use any type of reclaimed wood to make the shelves.
We have made a list with all the parts that you will need to make this furniture.
However, these are just suggestions for a quick start.

You could easily change the dimensions, even the complete design.
The construction materials are extremely versatile.
Therefore you can make almost any shape and size for your news stand or book shelves.
But make sure that your construction can support a high weight. Continue reading “Rack for magazines and folders, free construction drawings.”

Cupboard with an external frame made from scaffolding pipes.

Strong design for a cupboard, made with repurposed old scaffolding.

This is a very strong design to make a cupboard or chest with drawers.
Its structure is firstly strong because it is made from solid wood, appoximately three centimeters thick.
Furthermore the chest has a secondary frame , made from thick scaffolding tobes and tube clamps.
Each of these constructions is already strong by itself. Continue reading “Cupboard with an external frame made from scaffolding pipes.”

Storage rack with scaffold pipes with wooden shelves.

Scaffold tubes storage rack with wooden shelves.

A versatile shelving unit construction drawing, made for scaffold pipes and wooden boards.
You can use these scaffold constructions for many purposes.
Apart from the obvious use in warehouses and storage rooms, you can also use these shelves to make furniture for in the house.

These step by step instructions for a warehouse rack are a translation of our international pages on bouwtekeningen voor steigerhout. Continue reading “Storage rack with scaffold pipes with wooden shelves.”

Kitchen table with shelves, made with pipes and planks from scaffolding.

Make a kitchen side table and storage space on shelves.

Use this construction drawing as a base example to make tables of many sizes and shapes.
These drawings can be used to make side tables as well as a kitchen table for dining.
However, some of the shelves have to go if you want to use the tables in combination with chairs.
The high kitchen tables are often used in combination with a barstool type of seats. Continue reading “Kitchen table with shelves, made with pipes and planks from scaffolding.”

Wardrobe rails and rack for clothes on wheels, made from scaffolding tubes.

Make strong rails and racks for your wardrobe.

Wardrobe clothes rack made from scaffolding tubes
Pipes from scaffolding to make rails for clothes.

Examples how you can use tubes to make racks for clothing.
Most of the clothes racks that you can buy in stores are rather flimsy.
See how simple it is to make strong frames for your wardrobe.
The only materials that you will need are scaffolding tubes and tube connectors.

Use these recycling examples as starting point.
Then adapt the racks to your requirements and taste.
Use scaffolding boards or wood from the scrapyard to make shelves.

Reclaimed materials such as cable spools and metal from street signs are just a few of the materials that you can use to make furniture.
Other recycling projects are the repurpose of suitcases , old doors and car tires.
Continue reading “Wardrobe rails and rack for clothes on wheels, made from scaffolding tubes.”

Clothes rack made from scaffolding tubes and reclaimed planks.

How can I make a cheap clothes rack and rails for the wardrobe?

Rail for clothes made from reclaimes scaffolding.
Rack to make from scaffold rods or old plumbing tubes.

A few examples how you can make racks for clothing and railings for a wardrobe.
The first construction drawing is very versatile.
You can alter most parts and shapes of this clothes rack.
Just make sure that you fix it strongly against a wall.

Even the rack itself weighs quite a few kilos.
Therefore the rack fixations will have to support a considerable weight, in combination with the clothes. Continue reading “Clothes rack made from scaffolding tubes and reclaimed planks.”