Scaffolding furniture made with scaffold pipes and reclaimed boards.

See how easy it is to make scaffolding furniture.

Homemade furniture from reclaimed scaffolds.
These construction drawings consist of two groups.
Firstly we have the tables and chairs, homemade benches and beds from scaffold boards.
These construction drawings are also great for other planks than the wood from scaffolds.
Basically it is a series of woodworking examples for beginners, without the need to use complicated woodworking techniques or classic joinery. Continue reading “Scaffolding furniture made with scaffold pipes and reclaimed boards.”

Reclaimed scaffold furniture construction plans and drawings.

Use reclaimed scaffolding to make furniture.

Reclaimed scaffold tubes to be used for furniture construction.
Old tubes from scaffolds.

You can use the old wood as well as the tubes from scaffolds to make your own furniture.
The reclaimed scaffolding materials are ideal to make furnishing in an industrial style.
Robust pipes and tube clamps are good to make strong frames.
Boards from the scaffold have been in all weather conditions and therefore they have obtained a weathered look.

These wooden boards are often impregnated with a conservation liquid.
Therefore the wood does not necceserily need an extra treatment, but it will surely enhance the aspect of your finished furniture. Continue reading “Reclaimed scaffold furniture construction plans and drawings.”

Tube chair with a frame made from scaffold tubes – adjustable inclination for the backrest.

Construction drawings to make a tube chair from scaffolding pipes.

Construction drawing how to make a chair with scaffolding tubes and Kee clamps.
Exploded view construction drawing for a tube chair.

Chairs for inside or to use in the garden.
Weatherproof furniture, made with materials from reclaimed scaffolding.
Steel tubes and pipe clamps in combination with thick wood from the same scaffold.
You can repurpose the tube chair parts if you are not happy with the result.
Simply dismantle and recycle them in another furniture project.

About the scaffolding wood.
This wood has been outside for several years.
Therefore it has a weathered look and feel to it.
This wood is lightly preserved and could even be used without any woodstain.
Nevertheless we advise to spend some time on a nice finish.
Choose nice looking planks, and sand them as smooth as possible before you aooly a woodstain to the planks. Continue reading “Tube chair with a frame made from scaffold tubes – adjustable inclination for the backrest.”

Cupboard with an external frame made from scaffolding pipes.

Strong design for a cupboard, made with repurposed old scaffolding.

This is a very strong design to make a cupboard or chest with drawers.
Its structure is firstly strong because it is made from solid wood, appoximately three centimeters thick.
Furthermore the chest has a secondary frame , made from thick scaffolding tobes and tube clamps.
Each of these constructions is already strong by itself. Continue reading “Cupboard with an external frame made from scaffolding pipes.”

Scaffolding wood as construction material for home made furniture.

Make your own tables and chairs with repurposed scaffolding wood.

Scaffolding wood weathered with rusty ends.
Scaffold wood with metal end pieces.

Garden furniture and lounge sets for use inside.
Learn how you can assemble wooden benches and cabinets without any experience in woodworking.

You will assemble the furniture with self tapping screws.
Structures are made strong by reinforcing the butt joints with extra slats under the joinery.
However, if you want to make really nice looking woodwork joinery you will find examples for that as well. Continue reading “Scaffolding wood as construction material for home made furniture.”

Side table construction plan for scaffolding boards.

Woodworking plans and construction drawings for a homemade side table.

Reclaimed wood from scaffolding is very good suitable to make this lounge style side table.
Farmhouse tables like the scaffold wood dining table as well as the lounge sets are very popular for DIY assembly.
Sidetables and wooden planters are nice complements for this homemade furniture.
These low lounge tables are great to finish off some leftover bits of wood.
You can make them with just a few planks and slats.
Construction time for this farmhouse furniture is minimal. Continue reading “Side table construction plan for scaffolding boards.”

Farmhouse table made from scaffolding boards.

Construction drawings for a homemade farmhouse table.

Free plans to construct tables from reclaimed wood.
This table design is easy to make, even if you have never made furniture before.
The materials for farmhouse tables are cheap and sometimes free.
Reclaimed planks from scaffolding and free wood from pallets are ideal for this construction drawing.
The tables can be used inside as well as outside on the terrace. Continue reading “Farmhouse table made from scaffolding boards.”

Cooler table with ice bucket in the tabletop.

Examples for a table with integrated cooler – ice bucket.

Cool ideas to make a garden table.
Keep your drinks cool and close at hand.
Integrate a bucket in the tabletop and fill with ice, it’s as simple as that.
Alternatively you could, instead of a cooler with ice, place plant pots in the tabletop bucket.
In that manner you can have herbs and vegetables growing straight on your garden table.
Construction drawings for he basic model of this garden table, without the cooler buckets in the tabletop. Continue reading “Cooler table with ice bucket in the tabletop.”

Cascading planter on three levels.

Woodworking plans to make a cascading planter with three levels.

Planters on a rack for a vertical cascading garden.
Three level planter rack.

These racks and cascading planter supports are ideal for small outdoor spaces.
How to make these cascading gardens is very easy.
Most designs consist of two A-frames with several shelves in between.

These are very easy construction examples for a multi level planter and hanging mini gardens.
You can make these mini gardens from scaffolding planks and reclaimed lumber.
Pallets are a bit thin for these home made planters.
Thicker wood is specially required for the vertical A-frames which hold the plant rack together. Continue reading “Cascading planter on three levels.”

Dining table construction plan for scaffolding planks.

Free construction drawings for a solid dining table.

In the first place this is a table which is very easy to make yourself.
See how you can make a table in very short time.
Shorten all the wood before you begin, then the assembly will be very quick and easy.
All the planks are connected with selftapping screws.
There is no need for complicated woodworking skills.
First have a good look at the dining table construction plan, then shorten the wood and start with the assembly. Continue reading “Dining table construction plan for scaffolding planks.”

Wooden chair construction drawings and woodworking plan.

Easy do it yourself instructions and free plans to make a wooden chair.

This is probably one of the easiest examples of how to make a wooden chair.
You can use cheap wood for these woodworking plans.
Scaffolding planks and reclaimed wood are both perfect for making you own furniture.
In this example for homemade chairs we used planks with a width of 30cms. and three centimeters thick Continue reading “Wooden chair construction drawings and woodworking plan.”

Corner bench L-shape in lounge style.

Woodworking plans for a corner bench made of scaffolding wood.

First of all, these wooden benches are made with a straight backrest.
As a result of this model you will get a sturdy lounge bench which can be dismantled in two pieces.
On the other hand, a slight disadvantage of this corner bench could be the need for cushions on seating and backrest.
See more examples of these homemade wooden benches. Continue reading “Corner bench L-shape in lounge style.”

Lounge table woodworking plans.

Free woodworking examples and plans how to make a low lounge table.

First of all, this scaffold wood lounge furniture is probably the easiest set of woodworking plans.
Make your own tables, construct wooden benches and chairs from scaffolding planks.
This wooden lounge table is part of a three piece furniture set.
Good weather treatment makes these tables suitable for inside as well as outside.
A woodsaw and an electric screwdriver are all that you will need for the construction of a sturdy homemade lounge set.
As a result you do not need any special woodworking equipment. Continue reading “Lounge table woodworking plans.”

Assembly of a homemade wood garden chair – free construction plans.

Final assembly, wood garden chair free construction plan.

On these construction drawings you see the final assembly of all previously made panels for wooden lounge chairs.
This is where your homemade garden chair comes together.
At the first part of this free construction plan we showed how to make the two armrests.
These sides of the garden chair will also serve as the support for the seat.
Above the seat comes the backrest which we have to fit in a comfortable angle.
The backside of this garden chair will be attached to the armrests as well as to the chair seat.
Continue reading “Assembly of a homemade wood garden chair – free construction plans.”

Seat assembly method and construction drawings for lounge chairs and benches.

Seat assembly for a homemade lounge garden chair.

In this part of the instructions you will see how to make the seat for wooden garden chairs and benches.
These lounge chairs are made from four panels, just like on the drawings for a wood garden bench.

  1. The planks G plus L make the frontside of the chairs seating.
    This assembly adds strength to the chair seat, and it enhances its thickness.
  2. You can place one or two supporting planks under the chair seat, as shown on the third construction drawing below.
    This reinforcement will be out of sight, and for that reason it is possible here to use some old recycled wood.

Seat assembly for a wood garden chair.
Drawings for a homemade lounge chair made of scaffold wood.

Continue reading “Seat assembly method and construction drawings for lounge chairs and benches.”

Free homemade furniture plans, a scaffold wood garden chair in lounge style.

How to make a strong scaffold wood garden chair and benches in lounge style.

White wash wood garden chair made of scaffold planks.
Lounge chair made of scaffolding wood – white wash.

These homemade chairs are part of our free loungeset drawings to make your own garden furniture.
Materials are old repurposed scaffolding planks plus some wooden slats for reinforcement and connecting of the planks.
We have several examples of homemade furniture in the same stye as this scaffold wood garden chair.
The lounge style is becoming very popular for use in gardens and patios.

Combine these chairs with lounge benches and low tables.
You can see more examples on the Dutch original construction drawings and building plans for homemade furniture.
Continue reading “Free homemade furniture plans, a scaffold wood garden chair in lounge style.”

Wooden bench and chairs construction drawing, fitting the backrest.

Step 6 of the instructions to make lounge chairs and wooden bench from scaffolding wood.

Finally the assembly of a homemade wooden bench and chairs, positioning the backrest.

Construction drawing for the final fitting of a garden lounge bench and chairs.
Most noteworthy is that your benches and chairs will look great.
Especially because they are homemade with scaffolding wood. Continue reading “Wooden bench and chairs construction drawing, fitting the backrest.”

Backrest for scaffolding wood benches and chairs.

Homemade garden bench tutorial step 3.

How to make a backrest for lounge benches and chairs.

Assembly methods for wooden benches, homemade with scaffolding planks.
The bench consists of four panels.

In this third part of our homemade lounge furniture tutorial we show you how to make the backrests.
On this blueprint you see the backrest for a garden bench, but the backrest for lounge chairs are made in exactly the same way.

The only difference between these lounge benches and the lounge chairs of scaffolding wood are the length of seats and backrests.
Both the benches and the lounge chairs are made from four panels.
This assembly system makes the furniture easy transportable. Continue reading “Backrest for scaffolding wood benches and chairs.”

Armrest for lounge furniture made of scaffolding wood.

Instructions for lounge chairs and benches made of scaffolding wood.

Wooden side panel construction plan for homemade furniture.
Four of these panels per chair or bench.

The previous and first step of this tutorial shows you how to assemble the panels of these armrests for lounge furniture.
Note that the entire armrest and side module is the same for chairs as well as for benches.

You can you use these instructions and the building plan for benches with lengths up to a width of 2.20 mts.
In this step you will fit the panels together, to make a sturdy box-like structure which supports the entire bench or chair. Continue reading “Armrest for lounge furniture made of scaffolding wood.”

Panels for the sides and armrests of a scaffolding wood lounge bench.

Step one for lounge benches and lounge chairs made of scaffold wood.

This step by step tutorial is equally suitable for as well a lounge bench as for lounge chairs.
All of these plans for lounge furniture are made for the use of scaffolding wood.
Obviously there are many other types of wood that are suitable for these do it yourself instructions.
Homemade furniture can be made very cheap, that is why we mainly choose the cheap recycled planks from scaffolding.

How to make your own lounge bench for in the garden.

Wooden side panels construction plan for a homemade lounge bench and chair.
For each lounge chair or bench you will need to make four of these panels.

C – 20 x 60 centimeters.
K – 8 x 30 x 30 x 775 mm.

Continue reading “Panels for the sides and armrests of a scaffolding wood lounge bench.”

Lounge furniture made of scaffolding wood, free tutorials and building plans.

Make your own lounge furniture for inside or the garden.

Sturdy home made garden furniture.

This is a very easy assembly system for homemade furniture.
Make strong lounge furniture with boards from scaffolds.
See how you can make chairs and benches with scaffolding wood as construction material.
Luxurious wooden chairs and garden benches.
Super easy and illustrated building instructions in six steps.

We recommend that you take a look at all the furniture drawings on our main site while we are translating these manuals.
The Dutch do it yourself instructions will be translated to your own native language.

Continue reading “Lounge furniture made of scaffolding wood, free tutorials and building plans.”

Homemade furniture examples and free plans for woodworking.

Free instructions and plans for homemade furniture.

Picnictable and benches made from branches with use of a pointed dowel spoke cutter.
Farmhouse picnic table and wooden benches.

Woodworking plans and do it yourself instructions for homemade furniture.
Most drawings were derived from a popular Dutch do it yourself site.

Please have a look at the original building plans for scaffolding furniture.
On that website is a lot more content.
Meanwhile we will translate all manuals to English.

Creative ways to repurpose scaffolding planks and pallets.
We have compiled many construction plans for the recycling of wood and metal.

Continue reading “Homemade furniture examples and free plans for woodworking.”