Breaker tool for dismantling pallets.

Remove planks from pallets without effort with a breaker tool.

Pallet breaker tool for dismantling pallets.
Breaker tool for pallets.

Make your own pallet breaker from metal.
Steel is the only material that is strong enough to resist continuous stress.

The stiffness of metal is also preferable above the bending qualities of wood.
Therefore all pallet breakers must be made from strong metal.

Whether you use a welder or nut and bolts to make this tool is up to you.
On the other hand it must be said that nevertheless most palletbreakers are welded.
That is merely because it is quicker and produces a more sturdy tool. Continue reading “Breaker tool for dismantling pallets.”

Pallets as construction timber for home made furniture.

Make your own furniture with reclaimed wood from pallets.

Pallet chair free construction drawings and building plan.
How to make a pallet chair.

For most construction plans you will first of all have to break the pallets to seperate planks and blocks.
On the other hand there are also many furniture examples which are made for whole pallets.

Drawings for pallets that do not have to be dismantled are mainly used for outdoor furniture.
This timber from pallets is quite rough, and therefore most people opt to give the planks a good planing with the sanding machine.

Bear in mind that this lumber is only half as strong as scaffolding boards.
For that reason it is not adviseable that you make long spanning construction with it. Continue reading “Pallets as construction timber for home made furniture.”

Cooler table with ice bucket in the tabletop.

Examples for a table with integrated cooler – ice bucket.

Cool ideas to make a garden table.
Keep your drinks cool and close at hand.
Integrate a bucket in the tabletop and fill with ice, it’s as simple as that.
Alternatively you could, instead of a cooler with ice, place plant pots in the tabletop bucket.
In that manner you can have herbs and vegetables growing straight on your garden table.
Construction drawings for he basic model of this garden table, without the cooler buckets in the tabletop. Continue reading “Cooler table with ice bucket in the tabletop.”

Homemade furniture examples and free plans for woodworking.

Free instructions and plans for homemade furniture.

Picnictable and benches made from branches with use of a pointed dowel spoke cutter.
Farmhouse picnic table and wooden benches.

Woodworking plans and do it yourself instructions for homemade furniture.
Most drawings were derived from a popular Dutch do it yourself site.

Please have a look at the original building plans for scaffolding furniture.
On that website is a lot more content.
Meanwhile we will translate all manuals to English.

Creative ways to repurpose scaffolding planks and pallets.
We have compiled many construction plans for the recycling of wood and metal.

Continue reading “Homemade furniture examples and free plans for woodworking.”