Cable spool repurposed as furniture.

Original furniture that you can make from a reclaimed wooden cable spool.

Chair made from old cable reel and planks from a pallet.
Reclaimed cable spool repurposed as chair.

Repurposed reels from cables have the same characteristics as the wood from pallets.
The wood has been impregnated with a preservation liquid which goes deep into the fibres.
Therefore a cable spool will not rot as easily as soft wood normally does.

You do not need to worry about the anti fungal and insect repellent products.
The cable spool will most like have been outside for many years.
As a result most of the wood preservation products will have disappeared.
Just as happens with the planks from pallets.

It is nevertheless not wise to place this furniture on a wet surface.
As with all garden furniture a dry undergound will greatly enhance its longevity. Continue reading “Cable spool repurposed as furniture.”

Reclaimed wood and recycled scraps for homemade furniture.

DIY examples to make your own furniture.

Scrapped metal rubbish and reclaimed pallets that were thrown away.

What can you make out of discarded materials?
More and more examples of scrap converted into furniture appear on the web.
We selected some of the best ideas for home made furniture from reclaimed wood.
See how you can make chairs from repurposed oil drums or worn car tires.
Amazing designs for furniture made out of old bicycles.

One of the most obvious materials to repurpose are pallets.
Websites such as Etsy and Pinterest provide many ideas to repurpose a pallet.
Some of those furniture designs are ready within an hour.
Garden chairs can be easily made by cutting a euro pallet in two pieces. Continue reading “Reclaimed wood and recycled scraps for homemade furniture.”

Farmhouse furniture made of logs and branches.

How to make tables chairs and benches from branches and spruce.

Coffee table made from a halved tree trunk and branches for the legs.
Halved tree trunk as coffee table.

Farmhouse furniture, made from reclaimed firewood.
Superb looking furnishings for house and garden, all made from materials found in the woods.

How to make the woodjoints is explained on the page about spoke pointers and pointed dowels.
Another page that comes in handy while woodworking with spruce is about mitered wood joints.
Most of these designs and woodworking examples are a translation of our Dutch woodworking instructions. Continue reading “Farmhouse furniture made of logs and branches.”

Drip bottle irrigation system.

Bottle irrigation drip system for slow watering of plants.

Slow watering method for vegetable gardens.
This method is more suitable in your garden.

Cheap and easy, money saving watering method.
Stop overwatering your plants.
Let the liquid slowly penetrate in the root zone, dont loose it all because the soil is dry.
Little by little water leaks from the bottle cap.
Then the water disperses to the other roots, hence wasting hardly any water.
Not only is this money saving, more important is that you do not get pools of water around each planter.

There are two ways to use these watering bottles.
The easiest is sticking the neck in the soil.
This is the best way if the planters are already filled with roots.
On the other hand it is better to burry them almost completely for use in the vegetable garden.
In the latter case you will have to puncture the bottle insytead of the cap.
Continue reading “Drip bottle irrigation system.”

Plant pots and containers made from repurposed materials.

Some examples how to make plant pots from repurposed materials.

A collection of great ideas to recycle and repurpose household items into a pot for plants.
We have already posted several construction drawings of how to make planters from reclaimed wood.
Here we show some inspiration for plant pots made of materials that you would otherwise have thrown away.
There is nothing to buy, just use these containers as they are.
Fill them up with some good soil and insert a nice flowering plant. Continue reading “Plant pots and containers made from repurposed materials.”

Tire planter examples, repurpose old tires in your garden.

Great ideas to recycle old tires into gardening containers and planters.

Parrot shape hanging planter, from a repurposed tire.

Free and relative easy designs to make a garden planter.
Recycled tires are the main material to make these containers for plants.
If you want to make planters from other materials then you should have a look at the free construction drawings for wooden planters.

Be aware, this is no easy material to work with.
Apart from the toughness of rubber, there is iron inside the tires.
This can make it rather difficult to cut through the entire tire.
We recommend that you use an angle grinder with cutting blade.
Sawblades for metal are suitable to cut through the rims.
Always wear protective goggles and thick working gloves to protect yourself. Continue reading “Tire planter examples, repurpose old tires in your garden.”

Tires reclaimed recycled and repurposed into very cool furniture.

Repurposed tires, DIY examples of what you can make from them.

Repurposed car tires as stand for bicles.
Bicycle stand made from old car tires.

First of all, these are mainly interesting examples plus a few construction plans.
See how you can repurpose old tires.
Some very nice ideas to recycle an old worn car tire into planters for your garden.
Furthermore you can use these examples to make garden furniture and swings.

Make awesome chairs and tables from repurposed road rubber.
DIY examples for repurposing old rubber and tires.
These ideas were derived from the Dutch site steigerhout  recycling. Continue reading “Tires reclaimed recycled and repurposed into very cool furniture.”

Traffic signs repurposed as furniture.

Repurposed traffic signs and streetname boards, upcycled as furniture.

Recycling art and street furniture.
Awesome chairs and tables, made from metal streetname boards and traffic signs.
Folded metal sheets from beside the street, still with the original prints.
These repurposed furniture designs are so original that they appear in several musea.
Some of the most famous artists who make this recycling art art Tim Delger and Boris Bally. Continue reading “Traffic signs repurposed as furniture.”

Recycled oil barrels – furniture diy examples.

Reclaimed oil barrels, recycled and repurposed vats as furniture.

Though these metal vats are not a material that is available everywhere, there are some great ways to recycle oil barrels.
Most people will be able to get one or two vats for free.
In some places these vats are the only metal that is widely available.
Developing countries are always in need for cheap materials that can be recycled.
These oil vats are a great material to make chairs and benches.
Not only because the recycled barrels are cheap, the end result can be astonishing beautiful and functional.

Examples how to repurpose oil barrels as furniture.
DIY examples for repurposing oil vats as furniture, tables and a chair made from old barrels.

Continue reading “Recycled oil barrels – furniture diy examples.”

Bicycles reclaimed repurposed and recycled as furniture.

Furniture art made with repurposed parts from an old bicycle.

Reclaimed metal and bike parts can be used to make very special furniture.
Here are some great examples of what you could make from old bicycles.
Very original ideas to repurpose an old bike into tables chairs and benches.
Make a barstool from old bicycle wheels or use the wheels to make tables.
This furniture fetches high prices when sold on auctions.
You might even start your own business selling your homemade furniture from recycled bicycles. Continue reading “Bicycles reclaimed repurposed and recycled as furniture.”

Repurposed suitcases and trunks for chests and drawers.

How can you repurpose a nice old suitcase?

We had some very old luggage in out basement, too old for use during travel.
Some of the suitcases were made of leather with a great vintage look.
Hence we wanted to recycle the nicest cases into something new.
Therefore we have gathered some great inspiration for repurposed suitcases.

The most common way is to use suitcases as drawer or storage compartment.
Continue reading “Repurposed suitcases and trunks for chests and drawers.”

Bathroom decoration and design with repurposed materials.

Original ideas to use repurposed materials in bathroom and toilet.

Recycled suitcase in use as a medicine cabinet in the bathroom.
Suitcase repurposed as cabinet on the bathroom wall.

One of the most neglected spaces for the use of repurposed materials is the bathroom.
Nevertheless we have found many great ideas to improve this space with recycled materials and objects.

One of these smart ways of repurposing is this medicine cabinet with mirror.
As you can see it was very easy to make this cabinet.
A suitcase bolted to the bathroom wall, with an old mirror stuck to the lid. Continue reading “Bathroom decoration and design with repurposed materials.”

Repurposed doors as parts of homemade furniture.

Old doors are given new life with these original recycling examples.

Old door repurposed as a small bench with coat hangers.
Coat hanger and bench seat made from an old door.

Maybe you have a nice old wooden door but you do not know how to repurpose it.
Here we will show you a few original ways to repurpose these doors.
Use the old door as a tabletop, picture frame or as wardrobe.

These DIY examples are just a few ideas to recycle doors into furniture.
Obviously there are many more great ideas for the repurposing of old construction materials.
We have compiled several types and materials for recycling.
All of these building materials are easily available and mostly at a low cost or even for free.

You might want to combine these recycled doors with other materials that have a recycling theme.
Have a look at the different repurposed materials to make your own furniture. Continue reading “Repurposed doors as parts of homemade furniture.”

Repurposed beer barrels as furniture and decoration.

Examples how you can make furniture from repurposed beer barrels.

Beerkegs recycled as stools.
Seats made from repurposed barrels.

Recycled and repurposed beer barrels as chairs and tables.
See how they used stainless steel kegs as urinals in the bathroom of a bar.

Some people have recycled the metal beer barrels to make a barbecue.
See some of these homemade examples in the gallery below.
Make your own garden planters from a couple of repurposed kegs that are cut in halves. Continue reading “Repurposed beer barrels as furniture and decoration.”

Repurposed materials for homemade upcycled furniture.

DIY ideas for furniture and decoration from  repurposed materials.

Upcycled industrial waste and scrapped wood to use as building materials for homemade furniture.
Make your own eco friendly lounge set and planter boxes from materials that were thrown away.
Lounge chairs and especially garden benches are amongst our most popular woodworking plans for lounge furniture. Continue reading “Repurposed materials for homemade upcycled furniture.”