Drip bottle irrigation system.

Bottle irrigation drip system for slow watering of plants.

Slow watering method for vegetable gardens.
This method is more suitable in your garden.

Cheap and easy, money saving watering method.
Stop overwatering your plants.
Let the liquid slowly penetrate in the root zone, dont loose it all because the soil is dry.
Little by little water leaks from the bottle cap.
Then the water disperses to the other roots, hence wasting hardly any water.
Not only is this money saving, more important is that you do not get pools of water around each planter.

There are two ways to use these watering bottles.
The easiest is sticking the neck in the soil.
This is the best way if the planters are already filled with roots.
On the other hand it is better to burry them almost completely for use in the vegetable garden.
In the latter case you will have to puncture the bottle insytead of the cap.
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Hydroponics and automatic watering methods.

How to build your own hydroponics system.

Hydroponics for optimal growth of plant tissue and roots.
These roots are the result of aeroponics, a spray of water around the root zone.

Square foot gardens with automatic watering.
Optimize your crop by administering exactly the right amount of water and oxygen with a balanced nutrient solution.
More harvests per year and more flowers or vegetables per square foot.
These are some basic diy examples for homemade hydroponics.

See what an amazing growth of roots can be achieved with roots that receive maximum air and food.
On the other hand there are several disadvantages which each system incorporates.
One of the most important factors is a perfect control of your irrigation water.
Where plants in soil can be very forgiving, such is not the case in hydroponics.
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Plant cultivation systems, grow tables and hydroponics.

Gardens on a square foot, grow maximum amount of plants on minimal surface.

First of all these cultivation methods are used to maximize crops on minimal planted area.
Choose between either plant on vertical walls or terraced grow tables.
Hydroponics are meant to be time and water saving cultivation systems.
Therefore these cultivation systems are almost always connected to some sort of automatic watering.
This watering of your mini garden can be done in many ways, but hydroponics are the most popular method.
And finally, these DIY ideas for planter tables and grow systems are great if you like both gardening and woodworking as well. Continue reading “Plant cultivation systems, grow tables and hydroponics.”

Concrete and cement planters made with a mold.

How to make plant pots and container planters from cement and concrete.

Easy method to make your own plant pots out of concrete or plain cement.
Th construction of these planters consists of using an outer mold and a smaller inner mold.
The cement or concrete is poured in between the two containers.
You let the cement cure for a day, after that you will have to remove both molds.
It is possible to decorate these planters, but remember that porous cement will help with getting rid of surplus water.
For that same reason we advise you to leave some holes open in the bottom of the container. Continue reading “Concrete and cement planters made with a mold.”

Plant pots and containers made from repurposed materials.

Some examples how to make plant pots from repurposed materials.

A collection of great ideas to recycle and repurpose household items into a pot for plants.
We have already posted several construction drawings of how to make planters from reclaimed wood.
Here we show some inspiration for plant pots made of materials that you would otherwise have thrown away.
There is nothing to buy, just use these containers as they are.
Fill them up with some good soil and insert a nice flowering plant. Continue reading “Plant pots and containers made from repurposed materials.”

Tire planter examples, repurpose old tires in your garden.

Great ideas to recycle old tires into gardening containers and planters.

Parrot shape hanging planter, from a repurposed tire.

Free and relative easy designs to make a garden planter.
Recycled tires are the main material to make these containers for plants.
If you want to make planters from other materials then you should have a look at the free construction drawings for wooden planters.

Be aware, this is no easy material to work with.
Apart from the toughness of rubber, there is iron inside the tires.
This can make it rather difficult to cut through the entire tire.
We recommend that you use an angle grinder with cutting blade.
Sawblades for metal are suitable to cut through the rims.
Always wear protective goggles and thick working gloves to protect yourself. Continue reading “Tire planter examples, repurpose old tires in your garden.”

Planter table with vegetation growing in the tabletop.

Examples of original garden tables made from reclaimed wood.

Probably you have already seen some of our woodworking plans to make a wooden planter.
On this page we show you a few examples of planters integrated in a tabletop.
See some great examples to make garden tables.
The examples on this page feature an embedded planter in the tabletop.
A planter table is often used with plants in containers and easy replaceable buckets. Continue reading “Planter table with vegetation growing in the tabletop.”

Cascading planter on three levels.

Woodworking plans to make a cascading planter with three levels.

Planters on a rack for a vertical cascading garden.
Three level planter rack.

These racks and cascading planter supports are ideal for small outdoor spaces.
How to make these cascading gardens is very easy.
Most designs consist of two A-frames with several shelves in between.

These are very easy construction examples for a multi level planter and hanging mini gardens.
You can make these mini gardens from scaffolding planks and reclaimed lumber.
Pallets are a bit thin for these home made planters.
Thicker wood is specially required for the vertical A-frames which hold the plant rack together. Continue reading “Cascading planter on three levels.”

Living wall vertical rack for plant pots.

Construction example for a green living wall with 16 plant pots.

Easy DIY example how you can make a rack for plant pots.
Construction drawings and step by step instructions to make a vertical garden planter.
Four levels for interchangeable flower pots.
A smart space saving design for an urban garden and balcony.
Make the living wall as wide and tall as needed.

The basic design is very well suitable to make divisions between balconies and gardens.
Extend and alter dimensions for this vertical garden to your likings. Continue reading “Living wall vertical rack for plant pots.”

Planter design for urban gardens on a square foot.

How to make an urban garden and planter with division in squares.

Organized mini garden with several levels and compartments for plants.
Space saving planter design.

Many different plants and vegetables on a small space.
That is what these planter designs are made for in the first place.
More specifically, these divisions make it possible to grow many species in the same box.
Most of these square foot planters and urban gardens are designed for above the ground.

Use these construction drawings to make a small vegetable garden on your terrace or patio.
As a result of the clever design these planters can be used to grow plants where there is no natural soil available. Continue reading “Planter design for urban gardens on a square foot.”

Planter made of wood, free construction plans and drawings.

Make your own planters out of reclaimed wood.

Easy DIY plans and examples to make your own garden furniture and planters.
Rectangular and square wooden boxes for your outdoor plants.
These planter designs can also be used for inside.
You could use these wooden boxes as a embellishing cover for ugly plant pots.
The planters are also very nice to use as surround for hydroponic buckets. Continue reading “Planter made of wood, free construction plans and drawings.”