Table frame and benches made from scaffolding tubes and pipe clamps.

Scaffold tube table frame and steel pipe frames for benches.

A free construction drawing with list of the parts to make a bench and tables from repurposed scaffolding.
The pipes for this table frame are available in several thicknesses and the same counts for the connections.
Scaffold pipes are available as galvanised steel tubes as well as in aluminium versions with several colours.
Bear in mind that the sizes for aluminium and steel tubes are different.
You can not use the clamps from steel scaffolding pipes to connect aluminium tubes nor vice versa. Continue reading “Table frame and benches made from scaffolding tubes and pipe clamps.”

Garden bench with cross legged frame.

Simple garden bench with crossmember frame.

This wooden garden bench is easy to make.
There is however one joinery method that you have to apply.
This is where the legs cross to make the shape of a capital X.

You make this woodjoint with a so called half joint overlap.
It is an easy joinery method, but it does requires the use of a chisel.
Furthermore we advise that you use a circular saw for this job.
That will make a much tighter woodjoint, a table saw or handheld circular saw are both fine.
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Tube bench plan to make benches from scaffolding tubes.

Strong home made benches from scaffolding tubes.

Garden bench made with a frame from scaffolding tubes and Kee clamps.
Easy DIY bench construction method with Kee clamps.

Free plans to make a 2 seater bench for house and garden.
Easy assembly with basic tools and building materials.
Tubes and clamps for scaffolding are widely available in hardware shops.

Used tubing and clamps are a lot cheaper, and the same counts for repurposed wood.
Reclaimed and recycled materials are ideal for your homemade furniture.
See how easy it is to make your own tube bench and matching chairs from scaffolding materials. Continue reading “Tube bench plan to make benches from scaffolding tubes.”

Corner bench L-shape in lounge style.

Woodworking plans for a corner bench made of scaffolding wood.

First of all, these wooden benches are made with a straight backrest.
As a result of this model you will get a sturdy lounge bench which can be dismantled in two pieces.
On the other hand, a slight disadvantage of this corner bench could be the need for cushions on seating and backrest.
See more examples of these homemade wooden benches. Continue reading “Corner bench L-shape in lounge style.”

Wooden bench and chairs construction drawing, fitting the backrest.

Step 6 of the instructions to make lounge chairs and wooden bench from scaffolding wood.

Finally the assembly of a homemade wooden bench and chairs, positioning the backrest.

Construction drawing for the final fitting of a garden lounge bench and chairs.
Most noteworthy is that your benches and chairs will look great.
Especially because they are homemade with scaffolding wood. Continue reading “Wooden bench and chairs construction drawing, fitting the backrest.”

Backrest for scaffolding wood benches and chairs.

Homemade garden bench tutorial step 3.

How to make a backrest for lounge benches and chairs.

Assembly methods for wooden benches, homemade with scaffolding planks.
The bench consists of four panels.

In this third part of our homemade lounge furniture tutorial we show you how to make the backrests.
On this blueprint you see the backrest for a garden bench, but the backrest for lounge chairs are made in exactly the same way.

The only difference between these lounge benches and the lounge chairs of scaffolding wood are the length of seats and backrests.
Both the benches and the lounge chairs are made from four panels.
This assembly system makes the furniture easy transportable. Continue reading “Backrest for scaffolding wood benches and chairs.”

Armrest for lounge furniture made of scaffolding wood.

Instructions for lounge chairs and benches made of scaffolding wood.

Wooden side panel construction plan for homemade furniture.
Four of these panels per chair or bench.

The previous and first step of this tutorial shows you how to assemble the panels of these armrests for lounge furniture.
Note that the entire armrest and side module is the same for chairs as well as for benches.

You can you use these instructions and the building plan for benches with lengths up to a width of 2.20 mts.
In this step you will fit the panels together, to make a sturdy box-like structure which supports the entire bench or chair. Continue reading “Armrest for lounge furniture made of scaffolding wood.”

Panels for the sides and armrests of a scaffolding wood lounge bench.

Step one for lounge benches and lounge chairs made of scaffold wood.

This step by step tutorial is equally suitable for as well a lounge bench as for lounge chairs.
All of these plans for lounge furniture are made for the use of scaffolding wood.
Obviously there are many other types of wood that are suitable for these do it yourself instructions.
Homemade furniture can be made very cheap, that is why we mainly choose the cheap recycled planks from scaffolding.

How to make your own lounge bench for in the garden.

Wooden side panels construction plan for a homemade lounge bench and chair.
For each lounge chair or bench you will need to make four of these panels.

C – 20 x 60 centimeters.
K – 8 x 30 x 30 x 775 mm.

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Lounge furniture made of scaffolding wood, free tutorials and building plans.

Make your own lounge furniture for inside or the garden.

Sturdy home made garden furniture.

This is a very easy assembly system for homemade furniture.
Make strong lounge furniture with boards from scaffolds.
See how you can make chairs and benches with scaffolding wood as construction material.
Luxurious wooden chairs and garden benches.
Super easy and illustrated building instructions in six steps.

We recommend that you take a look at all the furniture drawings on our main site while we are translating these manuals.
The Dutch do it yourself instructions will be translated to your own native language.

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