Canopy bed construction plan.

Free construction drawings for homemade furniture.
See how you can make a canopy bed with a frame from scaffolding tubes and Kee Klamps

How to make beds with a frame from steel pipes.

Some easy examples how you can make a canopy bed from scaffolding tubes
All the construction manuals and drawings are free to use.
You can download the construction plans for free, but you are not allowed to sell them or use them on a website or any other publication.

Beds to make yourself with reclaimed wood and scaffolding tubes.

Free construction drawings for beds from wood and steel pipes.

Easy construction plans and assembly instructions for homemade beds and bedroom furniture.
Most of these constructions are made with tubes from scaffolding to make a frame, in combination with scaffold boards.
It is very easy to make these bed frames, but do not think that these beds are cheap.
You will need a lot of Kee Klamps, and those tube connections are not cheap at all.
On the other hand it is a good investment.

The longevity of these galvanised tubes and Kee Klamps is great.
And do not forget the possibility to repurpose the tubes and clamps again into other homemade furniture. Continue reading “Beds to make yourself with reclaimed wood and scaffolding tubes.”

Bed made with scaffolding tubes, free construction drawing.

How can you make a bed from scaffold tubes?

Here we show you how to make a strong frame for beds.
The materials are scaffolding tubes and the connections are metal joinery clamps from the same scaffolds.

Should I use steel or alumium as material for the bed frame?

Example of the bed according to the construction drawing.
Metal frame for single beds.

You could choose aluminium rods and connectors, these come in several colours.

The aluminium scaffold tubes are more smooth, this material is cleaner than the galvanised version.
Galvanised steel tubing is however cheaper and more widely available.

You can not interchange the clamps and connectors between aluminium and steel rods.
Both have different sizes, even if it is sometimes only a few milimeters. Continue reading “Bed made with scaffolding tubes, free construction drawing.”