Examples for a table with integrated cooler – ice bucket.

Cool ideas to make a garden table.
Keep your drinks cool and close at hand.
Integrate a bucket in the tabletop and fill with ice, it’s as simple as that.
Alternatively you could, instead of a cooler with ice, place plant pots in the tabletop bucket.
In that manner you can have herbs and vegetables growing straight on your garden table.
Construction drawings for he basic model of this garden table, without the cooler buckets in the tabletop.

First of all you start by making a simple garden table.

Attach or embed the cooler or icebucket in the table top.

Where and how you will attach the ice bucket or cooler depends on the bucket shape itself.
Try to give some extra support under the table, supporting the ice cooler.
There will quite a lot of weight hanging on the tabletop, therefore your construction has to be made strong.

It is nice to make removeable lids for the cooler bins in the table.
That way you will have more space on the tabletop if needed.

How to make benches for this garden table.

Have a look at these construction drawings and read the instructions for the bench assembly.

  • First of all see the construction drawings for a basic garden table.
  • Then see how to make garden benches without backrest.
  • And finally, very similar to these cooler tables are the planter tables with embedded planters in the tabletop.

These ideas for homemade tables and benches are derived from our Dutch woodworking plans.