Free construction drawings for a solid dining table.

In the first place this is a table which is very easy to make yourself.
See how you can make a table in very short time.
Shorten all the wood before you begin, then the assembly will be very quick and easy.
All the planks are connected with selftapping screws.
There is no need for complicated woodworking skills.
First have a good look at the dining table construction plan, then shorten the wood and start with the assembly.

What do you need to make this dining table yourself?

  • 8 Planks, preferable scaffolding wood, 30x195x2500mm.
  • 4 Wide wooden slats 30x62x2500mm.
  • 1 Box with 100 selftapping screws 5x50mm.

Scaffolding wood dining table constrution plan.

A 8 Planks 30×195 and 720mm. long.
B 5 Planks 30×195 and 2450mm long
C 2 Slats 30x62x2370mm.
DSlats 30x62x835mm.

Assembly of the dining table.

Have a good look at the construction plan first, then shorten all the wood.
  1. First step to make a wooden table is making the tabletop.
    For this dining table we first connect five planks B with the slats C and D.
  2. The table legs are made with the planks A which are connected to the tabletop using selftapping screws.
Upside down construction drawing for a wooden dining table.
Upside down construction plan for a wooden dining table made of scaffold planks.

About these construction plans for scaffolding wood.

You will see that assembly of these wooden tables is a very straightforward method.
Scaffolding planks are ideal for this type of furniture.
It is strong wood as a result of the thickness.
Selftapping screws facilitate a problemfree connection of table legs and tabletops.
The finished dining table, two examples in different colors.

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Alternative tabletops from a repurposed old door.

Old barn doors recycled for the use as tabletop.
What a great idea to make tables with repurposed materials.