How to make chairs without any experience in woodworking.

Farmhouse chair and side table made from spruce
Spruce connected with large dowels.

Woodworking examples and inspiration for recycling.
We tried to compile easy examples how to make a chair, especially with the use of reclaimed materials.
The most obvious timber for these chairs are the planks and blocks from reclaimed pallets.

An other material that we like a lot are the boards from old scaffolding.
These boards are often combined with scaffold tubes and their corresponding connectors.
You use the tubes and connectors to make a frame for the seat.
Scaffold boards are ideal for the backrest and seating of homemade chairs.

Logs and spruce are very cheap timber.
You can make furniture from this wood if you use a spoke cutter tool.

How to make a dining chair.

Inclination of the backrest for chairs.
Farmhouse style dining table and homemade chairs.
Round timber as material to make farmhouse furniture.

Dining chairs usually have a fairly straight backrest, garden chairs and loungers are more inclined.

The inclination of a backrest is one of the most important factors which make a chair comfortable.
This comfort is related to its use.
You need a more upright position at the dining table, a garden chair requires a more relaxed position.

The construction of a dining chair is no more complicated than how to make a lounge or farmhouse seat.
Nevertheless you will have to quite exact during the construction.
Even a tiny difference in the chairs legs will make it wobble.

Repurposed materials to use for the construction of seats.
About the legs under your seat.
Rocking chair made from a repurposed cable spool.
Seats and the backrest were made with planks from a pallet.

These legs support both you plus the chair itself.
The frame is prone to movement, a lot of force gets put on all the wood joints.
For that reason all joinery must be well made using strong components.

Where it is perfectly fine to use pallet wood for a seat and backrest we still do not like to use them for legs of chairs and tables.
It is best to use pallets only when the legs are very short, as in garden chairs and low loungers.

Chairs made with reclaimed and repurposed materials.

Chairs made from reclaimed scaffolding.