How to make a barstool from reclaimed material.

Several ways for assembly of high chairs and stools.
Designs mainly for use of repurposed material.
See what barstools others have made with reclaimed wood and repurposed metal from the scrapyard.

Construction of a barstool step-by-step.

  1. Lay two planks of 37 cm against each other on a flat surface.
  2. Now connect these two blanks with two slats on top of them, using self tapping screws.
  3. Use two more slats between  the previous two and make a square.
  4. Now we start to make the legs for our barstool.
    Have a good look at the construction drawings.
    Two planks, one wide and another more narrow plank are attached to make a rectangular profile.
    You will need four of these for each stool, that’s obvious.
  5. In the fifth step you will attach the legs to the previously made seating.
    Have a good look at the construction drawings, it shows how to conceive a barstool with strong legs.
  6. In this last step you will connect the legs together.
    You can do this on several ways, the easiest is using a few planks to make a square.
    Others prefer to make a platform that is similar to the barstool seat.

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